Иқтисодиёт кафедраси

11 November, 2022

Head of the chair: docent

Kuchkarov Gaybulla Fayzullaevich

Phone: (+99891) 561-08-72


Email address: kuchkarovgoibulla@mail.ru

Department history

The  Department of "Economics" was organized in 1967 under the name "Political Economy". Since 1992 it has been called "Theory of Economics" and was renamed as “Economics” in 2021.

The main employers of the graduates of the department are Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan , the Chamber of Commerce, Kashkadarya regional administration, commercial banks, private enterprises, as well as production services, touristic firms and companies.

Currently, the department is headed by a candidate of Economic Sciences,  an Associate Professor G.F. Kuchkarov . The emphasis of research of the department is put on topic "regional problems of increasing the competitiveness of the national economy."

Since its  establishment, the department has produced 3 doctors of sciences, 16 candidates of science and has made a great contribution to the university's scientific potential. At present, the scientific and methodological activity of the department is well organized, in recent years, more than 12 educational manuals, monographs, about 30 educational-methodological manuals, more than 1000 scientific, methodological and popular articles have been published by professor teachers in international, republican and local publications.

Currently, the department has 14 professors teachers, including: 1 doctor and professor of economics, 2 candidates of science and associate professors,  3 doctors of philosophy in economics, 1 senior lecturer, 6 assistant candidates.

Undergraduate education at the department

In the 2012-2013 academic year, the department accepted students in the direction 5231600 - "Economics and sociology of labor." Today, there are a total of 42 students in the 4th year of this field. And in the 2020-2021 academic year, students were admitted to the field 60411400 - "Human Resource Management", 74 students study in this direction. There are also students in part-time education.

The disciplines taught in the department are carried out on the basis of curricula confirmed by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Curricula of subjects, methodological complexes are developed in harmony with modern pedagogical and information technologies.

Graduate education at the department

Since the 2020-2021 academic year, undergraduates have been admitted to pursue master`s degree, 8 of them are in their second year now.

 The list of successful graduates of our department:

Almardonov Otabek Panjievich - Republican Council of MicrocreditBank

Khakberdiev Dilshod Murodovich – Director of “O`ZLITINEFTGAZ”

Tursunov Nodir - Head of the Shakhrisabz branch of JSCB " Turonbank "

Shukurov Jamshid – Vice-director at “O`ZLITINEFTGAZ”

Juraev Bakhtiyor – Head at the regional branch JSCB " Infinbank " in Kashkadarya

Ochilov Jakhongir - Head of the Kashkadarya Regional Department at “Hamkor Bank”

Subjects taught in bachelor`s and master`s degree programs:

Bachelor 's degree disciplines :

Economic theory



Human resource management


Digital Economy

Economic analysis and audit

Micro and macroeconomics

Tax and taxation

Sectors economy

Fundamentals of Econometrics

Industrial economy


Labor Economics

Labor Relations

Labor organization and management

Money and banks

Economics of Human Resources

Human development

Investment assessment

History of economic doctrines

Economic theory

Small business and entrepreneurship

Microeconomics. Macroeconomics

Hotel services

Corporate Governance

Master`s degree disciplines:

Strategic Human Resource Management

Human capital analysis

Demographic method

Human resources in public administration

Population and reproductive health

Scientific potential of the department:

Kuchkarov G.F. - PhD in Economics, Head of Department

Ochilov A.O. - Doctor of Economics, Professor

Erkaeva G. P - PhD in Economics

Ostonov E. - PhD in Economics

Nabiev G.A.- PhD in Economics

Shamsuddinov N.N - PhD in Economics

Ernazarov N - PhD in Economics 

Cooperation with foreign and national universities

Tashkent Branch of the Russian University of Economics named after Plekhanov

National University of Uzbekistan

Tashkent State University of Economics

Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service

Institute of Engineering and Economics of Karshi

TATU branch in Karshi

 Russia State University of named after Gzhel

Kuban State University in Russia

Leipzig University of practical studies in Germany

Belgrade State University

International Tourism University ” Silk Road”

Research activity of the Department

Professors and individual researchers of the department conduct research on the topic "Regional problems of increasing the competitiveness of the national economy." The results of scientific research are published in national and international scientific journals such as Scopus, Impact as well as in sets of scientific – practical conferences.

In 2019, the member of the department A.Ochilov received his doctorate degree. In 2021 and 2022 G. Nabiev and Z.Ernazarov got PhD degree in Economics.

These days senior teacher M.Ostonova and other teachers including Sh.Kholliev, O.Juraev and L.Kodirov  are continuing their scientific research as individual researchers.

Based on the major of research, the department has a scientific and methodological seminar. The seminar is headed by the head of the department K.E.N., associate professor Professor Kuchkarov G.F.

In 2012, students` club called “Innovator” for intelligent students was launched  at the department. The activities of this club are aimed at attracting students to scientific research  and spending their spare time wisely. Under the guidance of professors more than 200 articles and theses of students were published in sets of scientific and practical conferences at the national and international levels. Students` visits to historical monuments, travel agencies, hotels, modern architectural buildings, “Public services agency” and meetings with local and foreign experts were organized. Students regularly take part in start-up projects  and other contests on economic subjects and take significant places. Since November 2016, the department has participated in the project of the European Union Erasmus program with a total value of 646471,0 euros. In December 2018, the head of the department G.Kuchkarov, docent G.Erkaeva and teachers J.Ismatullaev, S.Makhmudov went to the University of Galati, Romania, as part of the project to improve their qualifications.

Members of the department have been actively participating in domestic contracts too.