29 March, 2023

Head of the department:

Mamarasulov Tulkinjon Mirzayevich

Tel.: (+99890) 609-11-55


About Department

The Department of Medicine was established within the university in September 2022. Currently, 1 associate professor, 3 candidates of science and 14 teachers are working in the medical department. All teachers have master's degrees and are conducting effective research in their fields.

Laboratory rooms in the department are equipped for performing various modern laboratory works. In the process of conducting practical classes, modernly equipped rooms and visual aids specific to the subject serve to further increase the knowledge of students..

The department conducts scientific research in the following directions:

14.00.33-Public health, management in health care. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Nodirov Tulqin Saidovich on the subject of the cause, consequence, dependence and risk factors of the death of mothers and babies (based on rural and urban materials of Kashkadarya).

14.01.05-Cardiology. Mamarasulov Tulqin Mirzayevich, candidate of medical sciences, on the topic of aggressive drug therapy in patients with early post-infarction angina pectoris with diabetes.

14.00.33-Marhamat Ergashevna Tursunkulova, candidate of medical sciences on the topic of health, mental development and psychosocial adaptation of premature children

03.00.08- Human and animal physiology. The scientific research of Sardor Azamatovich Tuychiyev on the topic of the pathogenetic relationship between osteoarthritis and cardiovascular diseases is focused on solving today's pressing issues.

The following works were published by the teachers of the department in different years:

Textbook, monograph and study guides:

- Nodirov T.S. co-authored Healthy lifestyle. Study guide. 2006, Tashkent. - 167 pages

- Nodirov T.S. Healthy lifestyle and family health. Study guide. 2018, Tashkent. -265 pages

- Nodirov T.S. Epidemiology and prophylaxis of non-epidemic diseases in co-authorship. Textbook. 2022 Tashkent. -318 pages

- Tuychiyev S.A. co-authored Anatomy. Study guide. 2022, Tashkent.

- Cho'liyeva M.A., Tuychiyev S.A. Provision of basic nutrients to children of preschool age. Monograph. 2022, Tashkent. -104 pages

- Ruziev A.Sh., Shokhyusupov Sh. Microtoccal stimulation of the brain in stroke. Monograph. 2022, Tashkent. -145 pages.

- Rahmatullayev Yo.Sh., Tuychiyev S.A., Muhammadiyeva M.M., Shukurov B.S. Clinical characteristics of acute coronary syndrome in young patients. Monograph. 2022 y., Karshi, -152 p.g.

-Ochilov Sh.Z. va hammualliflar Comparative evaluation of an alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. Monograph. Tashkent 2022. -148 pages

- Alikulova M.M. Tuychiev S.A. Evaluation of the functional state of the liver in patients with systemic scleroderma. Monograph. Karshi 2022.-175 pages.

- Amirqulov B. D. va hammualliflar Clinical and functional characteristics of the cardiovascular system involvement in various variants of ankylosing spondylitis. Monograph. Tashkent 2022. -147 p.g.

-Tuychiyev S.A., Boybekov Sh.A. co-authors Changes in intestinal microflora in patients with brucellosis and its correction. Monograph. Against 2022. -155 p.

Instructional manuals:

- Nodirov T.S. Promoting and forming a healthy lifestyle in motherhood and childhood. Methodical guide. 2009, Tashkent. -37 pages

- Nodirov T.S. Modern methods of studying infant and child mortality. Methodical guide. 2011, Tashkent. -18 pages

- Mamarasulov T.M. Early post-infarction angina in diabetic patients. Educational manual. 2011, Tashkent. -66 pages

Professors-teachers of the department:

To date, despite being a young university-level department, the department's employees are working tirelessly to improve their academic and scientific activities. In particular, they are increasing their experience by participating in a number of conferences and projects organized at the national and international level.

Mamarasulov To’lqin Mirzayivech candidate of medical sciences

Tursunqulova Marhamat Ergashevna candidate of medical sciences, docent.

Nodirov Tulqin Saidovich teacher

Muhammadiyeva Mashxura Mustafaqulovna teacher

Сhuliyeva Muxayyo Azam qizi teacher

Ro'ziyev Adham Shuhrat o'g'li teacher

Rajabov Sherzodjon Nurmahmad o'g'li teacher

Baratov Elzodjon Bo`ranovich teacher

Saidova Maftuna Qurbonaliyevna teacher

Rustamov Sardor Ulug'bek o'g'li teacher

Boybekov Sherzot Aliyevich teacher

Salimova Gulihayo Shavkatovna teacher 

Subjects taught at the department:

Bachelor's degree: 60910200- treatment work

Pediatric case 60910300

Normal Anatomy

Normal Physiology

Pathologic anatomy

Pathologic physiology 

Histology, cytology, embryology


Medicinal chemistry

Medical biology. General genetics.

Microbiology, virology, immunology

History of medicine

Entering the medical profession

Latin language and medical terminology 

Working with gifted students.

Working with talented students in the department is also well established, including training with talented students according to their interests on the basis of the "teacher-student" system. Each talented student is assigned a scientific supervisor and conducts scientific research on the topics of their choice. In order to support the needs of talented people in the activity of the department, it is possible to learn new modern technologies in a number of medical institutions of the region in order to use their knowledge not only theoretically, but also practically. This serves as an important foundation for arousing their interest in the medical profession. In addition, teams of talented students are created to participate in a number of events, conferences and roundtable discussions organized on the scale of the Republic. Additional classes and clubs were organized for students who wanted to participate in science olympiads by senior experts in their field.



The Faculty of Medicine