The chair of uzbek language and literature

1 June, 2021

Head of the chair:

Assistant Professor, Doctor of Philology

Achilov Nasim Kamolovich

Phone: (+998 93) 907-40-27


The Department of Uzbek Language and Literature was established on November 22, 2019 by the Higher and Secondary Special Education Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Associate Professor D. Khalilova was appointed acting director. According to the decision of the Council of ArdU, the candidate of basic philological sciences, associate professor N. Ochilov on January 8, 2021 will be the head of the department. There are 17 professors, candidates of sciences, 2 doctors of sciences, 4 associate professors, 4 doctors of philology and 4 students of the department of non-philological education.

Subjects "Uzbek language in the field", "Methods of teaching the language in the state language", "Expressive reading workshops" Citilib, Lectures and practical map VA Institute of Folklore, Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature named after Alisher Navoi, Bukhara State University, Urgepch State University,Namangan is a lyceum academician of the State University against the professors of the Eurasian Turkish Institute of the Republic of Korea, the State University, and the relations of work in the fields, the Department of Agrotechnology of the technical schools in the field of low education, spiritual and educational spheres and cooperation. The scientific direction of the department is "Features of the Uzbek language, such as State Styles, and current research issues in the field of literature." Study of issues of "Teaching issues in the Uzbek language and non-philological education" at the department. The scientific potential of the department is 75% of life. In 2020-2021, D. Bazarova will receive a Ph.D. , D. Niyazov Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in "Linguistic personality types in the literary text". N. Ochilov has completed his dissertation on "The end of the XX century and the state of preservation of the XXI century" by a successful graduate chemist of the postgraduate course.

Monographs of professors and teachers of the department, taught in 2020-2021, 2 textbooks 30 published on 30 hectares, 3 scientific articles in the Republic and in the journals of authorization. Currently, independent researchers led by N. Ochilov F. Jumaeva "Kashkadarya D. Kamroev "Genesis and evolution of Tarkibadakhshon" 10.00.08 - Conducts scientific research in the field of folklore. Due to its organizational structure, a number of organizations and enterprises in the Kashkadarya region have to work in the state language, to write documents in Latin, to use the Uzbek alphabet.