Scientific – methodical administration

18 January, 2023

Head of the department: 

Fayziyev Zahiddin Hasanboyevich

Telefon: (+99891) 450-22-44

Fayziyev Zahiddin Hasanboyevich was born on February 28, 1985 in Karshi District, Kashkadarya Region. In 2005-2009, he graduated from Karshi State University with a bachelor's degree and from the National University of Uzbekistan with a master's degree in 2009-2011 in the specialty of psychology. In 2011-2020, he worked as a teacher of the Department of Psychology of Karshi State University, in 2020-2021 as a senior teacher of the Department of Psychology, in 2021-2022 as an associate professor of the Department of Psychology, in 2022-2023 as an associate professor of the Department of Psychology. Since January 11, 2023, he has been working as the head of the Educational and Methodological Department.

According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed on August 20, 2010 No 181 "On approval of the updated classification of the main positions of employees and occupations of workers" of the Department of Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and due to the Recommendations of the Ministry of Social Protection No. 02-05/3656 of December 31, 2011 and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed on 29.08.2012on “Approval of the Network Tariff and Qualification Handbook” and in accordance with the order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 262 and on the basis of existing normative legal acts, on December 30, 2014 the educational-methodical department, the practical department and the advanced training department were merged to form the educational-methodical department.

Currently, 17 staff members have been working in 17 state units due to the “Guidelines for the duties and responsibilities of the Teaching and Methodology Department”.

They also organize their work on the basis of this normative document in accordance with the "Guidelines for the duties and responsibilities of employees of the Department of Education and Methodology."

The role of the educational-methodical department is based on the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan on education, Presidential Decrees, Orders, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Resolutions of the Board of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. They work with orders and instructions; they monitor the implementation of modem grams and telephone grams, as well as rector's orders in faculties, departments and divisions.

In addition, to improve the efficiency of the educational process and the quality of education at the university, the organization of the educational process on a scientific basis, the requirements of state educational standards, curriculum, science programs and other normative documents are provided by the methodological assistance.

Based on the schedule of the educational process and curricula developed by the educational-methodical department, the development of the schedule of trainings in the faculties is organized and approved. Besides, the implementation of the analysis of the results of the application, and mastering the rates system of monitoring and evaluation of students' knowledge in the educational process is also monitored by this department.

Students' internships are conducted based on the integration of manufacturing enterprises. The workload of the department is developed in accordance with the "Time norms", individual work plans of professors and teachers are formed and their implementation is monitored.

The department monitors contracts between organizations, leading specialists of enterprises, scientific supervision of graduate works, and checks the relevance of the topics, the level of quality, its scientific and compliance with the needs of the economy, its quality preparation for the final state certification.

The teaching staff constantly monitors the correctness of the transfer of students from one course to another, expulsion of students and the appointment of scholarships. They also organize the preparation of proposals in cooperation with the relevant departments to strengthen the material and technical base of the educational process. Besides, they carry out methodologists in the study of information about the information base of the IRC and its effective use in the education process.

Through the study of the records of the deans and departments, methodological advice is provided to address the identified shortcomings.

In addition, in order to further improve the educational process in the faculties and departments of the university, the educational-methodical department has developed a "Journal of registration of personal work plans and rating controls of professors and teachers," a rating system for monitoring and evaluating student knowledge and observing the lessons of the teachers.

“Instructions on the organization and control of the independent work of students”, “Instructions on writing and registration of course works”, “Instructions in the order of planning and distribution of hourly fund”, “Dean's office and "Instructions for improving the system of office work in the departments", "University Charter for qualifying and pedagogical practice", "Guidelines for writing and registration of graduate work and master's dissertations", "Karshi state Charter of the Quality Commission of the University", and other internal regulations and guidelines have been developed and are being implemented.


1 Fayziyev Zohiddin Hasanboyevich Head of the department
2 Rajabov Adham Uramkulovich Deputy head
3 Taniyev Davron Xurramovich Methodologist
4 Qultayeva Nasiba Jo‘rayevna Methodologist
5 Shodiyev Olim Xidirqulovich Methodologist
6 Primqulov Bekmurod Xushboqovich Methodologist
7 Xonova Mashxura Mahmudovna Methodologist
8 Qayumova Mahliyo Qobil qizi Methodologist
9 Qo‘ldoshov Dostonbek Sherdon o‘g‘li Methodologist
10 Doniyorova Saodat Ulug‘bek qizi Methodologist
11 G‘aniyeva Umida Ermat qizi Methodologist
12 Avloqulov Jamoliddin Baxriddinovich Methodologist
13 Choriyev Ulug‘bek Soatqul o‘g‘li Methodologist
14 Xujakulov Sobir O‘rozovich Methodologist
15 Quzratov Muxriddin Akram o‘g‘li Chief specialist on the sector of operating credit system of education
16 Maydonov Umid Farmon o‘g‘li Chief specialist on the sector of operating credit system of education
17 Toshmurodova Xilola Ixtiyor qizi Inspector on educational affairs
18 Panjiyeva Shahnoza Egamberdiyevna Inspector on educational affairs