The chair of physical culture and sport

7 November, 2022

Head of the chair: can. of pedagogy

Sultonov Shukurullo Umirpulatovich

Phone: (99891) 222-82-74


The history of chair

Until that time, the Chair of the Department was the Associate Professor I.R. Vardiashvili, S. B. Rasulov, Senior Lecturer F. Kakhkharov, Senior Lecturer F. Eshpulatov, Senior Lecturer B. Salaidinov. Currently, the head of the department is candidate of pedagogical sciences S.U. Sultonov. 

The department of physical education and sports employs 30 teachers, including 3 candidate of pedagogical sciences, 9 senior teachers and 18 teachers. The average age of the faculty is 43 years, the scientific potential is 10%. 

Employees of the department who conduct coaching at Karshi State University: 

Athletics (Men)                                                Khudoyberdiev B 

Athletics (female)                                            Emgirov G 

Gymnastics                                                     Eshmatov G 

National Wrestling (Men)                               Umarova A 

National wrestling (girls)                                 Rakhmanova G 

Football                                                           Kakhhorov F 

Volleyball (Men)                                              Jabbor A 

Handball                                                         Salaydinov B 

Badminton                                                      Atavullayev B

Stol tennis                                                       Ochilov R

The department of physical education and sports is located in a two-story building and has 20 classrooms, an office for spiritual and educational work, a library. 

And also the department has 2 indoor sports complex, 1 indoor sports complex for gymnastics and wrestling kurash, a stadium, a gymnastics court, 1 outdoor basketball court, 1 tennis court. 

In 2019, the faculty prepared the textbook “Types of wrestling and the methodology of its teaching”, the textbook “Morning exercises”, “Formation the ability to maintain balance using acrobatic exercises”. 

Many scientific articles have been published in international and national scientific journals and conference proceedings. 

The department cooperates with universities such as the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture, Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, BukhSU, SamSU, TerSU, Karshi Engineering and Economics Institute, Karshi branch of TUIT, as well as Kashkadarya regional sports committee and Kashkadarya regional institute for retraining and advanced training. 

In order to provide practical assistance in organizing and conducting the educational process, cooperation agreements were signed with the Academic Lyceum under Karshi State University and the Karshi Specialized School of Olympic Reserve. In these educational institutions, branches of the department were created. The branch employs qualified teachers of the department 

Chair of physical education and sports: 

In 2017, a republican scientific and practical conference was held on the topic "Actual problems and prospects of physical education, sports training and adaptive physical education"; 

In 2018, a republican scientific and practical conference "Active Entrepreneurship, Innovative Ideas and the Use of Technologies in Physical Education and Sport" was held.

In 2019, the international scientific-practical conference "Problems of physical education and sports" was held. 

Chair staff participate in national and international scientific conferences with scientific articles and reports. 

On the initiative of the department staff, in 2017-2018-2019, a traditional national Kurash tournament is held dedicated to the memory of S.Rasulov. In 2019, the tournament was held internationally. 

The following subjects are taught at the chaire: 

-Theory and methods of physical education; 

-Gymnastics and teaching methods; 

-Athletics and training methodology; 

-Sports games and teaching methods; 

-Types of struggle and training methods; 

-Swimming and training methodology; 

-Mastery of sports skills; 

-Conducting competition and refereeing on the issuance of sports.  

The teaching staff of the Chair of physical education and sports: 

1. Sultanov Shukurullo Umirpulatovich  Ph.D. associate professor  head of the department

2. Boymuratov Ismat Boykabilovich P h.D. head teacher

3. Khurramov Jasur Koyliyevich  Ph.D. associate professor

4. Kakhorov Furkat Godoyevich,  senior teacher

5. Salaydinov Botir Meiliyevich   senior teacher

6. Umarov Abdusait Toghaymurodovich  senior teacher

7. Hazratkulov Askar Karimovich   senior teacher

8. Begaliyev Bakhtiyor Atavullaevich,  senior teacher

9. Nurov Shakir Rozikovich   senior teacher

10. Yodgorov Mansur Abdialimovich   senior teacher

11. Jabbarov Akbar Tukhliyevich   senior teacher

12. Eshpolatov Fakhriddin Raimovich  senior teacher

13. Achilov Rufat Kokanovich   teacher

14. Eshmatov Ghairat Egamberdiyevich,  teacher

15. Yomgurov Gafar Bobosharipovich  teacher

16. Safarov Anvar Safarovich   teacher

17. Bekzod Boykabilovich Karimov,  teacher

18. Khudoyberdiyev Bakhtiyar Rakhmatullaevich, teacher

19. Rakhmonova Gulrukh Ulashovna, teacher

20. Raihonov Abror Muhammadiyevich, teacher

21. Akbarov Sherzod Akhrorovich, teacher

22. Atavullayev Bekzod Bakhtiyorogli teacher

23. Normurodov Ulug'bek Meyleyivych   teacher

24. Nuraliyeva Oghiloy Shomuratovna   teacher

25. Norov Olim Tashpolatovich   teacher

26. Raimova Dilnoza Fakhriddin's daughter   teacher

27. Boriyev Kamal Suyunovich   teacher

28. Soatov Dilshod Makhmaraimovich  teacher

29. Abduholikov Beknurjon Alisher's son   teacher

30. Umarov Azod Temirovich   teacher


Chair address: Karshi city, Kuchabog 17


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The chair of physical culture and sport