The chair of primary education

2 July, 2022

The chief of the chair: Doctor of pedagogical Sciences. professor

Rizamat Davranovich Shodiyev

Phone: (+99898) 777-53-43


History of the chair

The Chair of Primary education was established in 1960 at the Karshi state pedagogical Institute under the name "Methods of primary education". At the Chair in the same period, Professor M. Ochilov, Professor T. Gafforova, associate professors T. Rasulova, sh. nurullaeva, N. Oripova. Since April 1, 2014, as a result of optimization and structural transformations of the departments "Social pedagogy “and "preschool education", the Chair” methods of preschool and primary education"was created. As a result of the changes made to the structure of the University, by the order of the rector of the University No. 565x dated December 3, 2015, 2 departments of primary education and preschool education were organized on the basis of the Chair of methods of preschool and primary education. Currently, the Chair is headed by a doctor of pedagogical Sciences. Professor R. D. Shodiev.

Professors M. Ochilov and T. gaffarova made a great contribution to the development of the Chair. M. Ochilov worked at the Chair from 1960 to 2010. In the process, he worked fruitfully, with honor justifying the glorious name of the teacher. During his career, he made a huge contribution to the education of young people as a Mature specialist, a Mature person, and wrote and published more than a hundred scientific articles, brochures and textbooks. He has prepared dozens of candidates of Sciences and became a scientific Advisor for many doctoral dissertations. The teacher is the author of the textbook "pedagogy of Higher education". Also Professor M. Ochilov as a result of scientific research published many textbooks, such as“ new pedagogical technologies”,"pedagogical habits". The scientist translated the work of the Czech teacher Jan Amos Komensky "the Great didactics"into Uzbek. Our government, taking into account the long-term scientific and pedagogical skills of the scientist, awarded him several orders, medals and certificates of honor. The textbook of the scientist "pedagogy of Higher education" currently serves as one of the main literature for undergraduates.

In 2002-2009, the Chair was headed by the candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Talat Gafforova, during this period, the Chair developed comprehensively and increased its scientific potential. Sh. nurullayeva, N. G. ochilova, N. Oripova D. A. Kenzhaeva, sh. Khamraev defended their thesis and received the degree of candidate of pedagogical Sciences. Professor T. Gaffarova along with the steering work made a worthy contribution to the education of our country. In particular, he published textbooks "alphabet", " Reading” for primary school students. Over the years, the teaching staff of the Chair has prepared many brochures, teaching AIDS, published many scientific articles in the media, periodicals.

From 2009 to 2014, the Chair was headed by candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor nurullayeva Shakhlo Uktamovna. In the process of his leadership, the Chair's indicators also increased. During this period, the Chair has a master's degree in 5a111701-primary education and 13.00.01-pedagogical theory and history. In education, the Institute of applicants for a senior researcher in the specialty "management"began to function.

From June 2014 the Chair is headed Shodiev Azamat Dabrovic. Since then, as Shodiev Azamat Gavranovic was head of the Chair, the Chair there is a further increase of the research work. During this period, the Chair 5a111701-theory and methodology of training and education master and 13.00.01-theory of pedagogy. Theory of pedagogical teachings. 13.00.05-basic doctorate (PhD) and doctorate (DSc) in the theory and methodology of professional education.

The Chair has 1 doctor of science, 2 professors, 2 candidates of science, 3 doctors of philosophy (PhD) associate professors, 17 teachers. The scientific potential is 30 %.

Chair of primary education 5111700-Chair of primary education and sports educational work.



5111700-primary education and sports education


Methods of teaching mathematics

Basic mathematics course theory

General pedagogy

Work and methods of its training

Methods of educational work

Natural science and methods of its teaching

Theory and methods of physical education

Integration and innovation in primary education pedagogy

Folk pedagogy

Technology and methods of its teaching

Information technology in primary schools

Pedagogical skill



The following disciplines are taught in the specialty 5a111701-primary education:

Methodology of primary education.

Theory of primary education subjects.

Methods of teaching specialty disciplines.

Statistical methods in pedagogical research

The education system of countries of the world

Theory of educational work and methods of its teaching

Pedagogical conflictology.

Pedagogical competence.

Pedagogical skill.


Scientific and methodological work of the Chair:

In this direction, Professor p. Textbook Shodieva, associate Professor T. Gafforova, sh. nurullaeva, N. G. Oripova, O. Aslonova M. M. mukhamadieva, Yu. Yarmanova published monographs and brochures.

In 2018, 4 employees of the Chair received the degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD).

Members of the Chair:

prof. Gafforova Tal'at Gafforovna

dots. Nurullaeva Shakhlo Uktamovna.

dots. Report This Website

k.O'q. (PhD) Yaziyeva Umida Lutfullaevna

k.O'q. (PhD) Turdiyev Shokrukh Razzokovich

k.O'q. Mukhiddin Tirkashev

k.O'q. Yuldashev Nazar Bitarovich

Choriyeva Feruza Amrullaevna

Yarmanova Yulduz Burriyevna

Aslonova Orzigul Pirimovna

Yoldashev Sadik Norchaevich

Ochilov Akmal Eshtemirovich

Berdiyev Bakhodir Ravshanovich.

Yoldoshev Jahongir Tilakmurodovich.

Rajabov Adham Umarkulovich

Grandfather Kupaysin

Umirov Azamat Abdinazarovich

Haitova Yulduz Zaitouna

Temirov Shukhrat Kakhramonovich

Kazakova Marhabo Kudretovna

Niyozkulov Mirjalol Bakhtiyorovich

In 2015-2017, a state grant was made on the theme "Development of technology and methods for the formation of youth education, characteristic of our national values".

At the Chair constantly works scientific and methodological seminar " modernized educational technologies”

In 2017, the teachers of the Chair published 2 monographs.

In the first half of 2018, the head of the Chair, doctor of pedagogical Sciences R. D. Shodieva, under the scientific supervision of sh. R. Turdiev, I. O. Kamolov and U. L. Yezieva defended her dissertations for the degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD) in pedagogical Sciences.

Senior lecturer of the Chair rakhmatullayeva shakhodat Zietovna received a degree in Uzbek language (PhD).

In 2018, we received 2 copyright certificates from the intellectual property Agency for software.

2018-year-old l head of the Chair Prof. R. Shodiev was awarded the medal “Shukhrat”by the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on September 28, 2018.