Methodology and practice of teaching english

1 December, 2021

Head of the department:

Shonazarov Mansur Egamkulovich

Phone No: (+998 90) 341-17-75


History of the department

Department of "Methodology and practice of teaching English" was organized December 20, in 2019.

There are 15 professors and teachers in the department, including 3 senior teachers and 12 assistant teachers. On all disciplines of the department developed electronic educational-methodical complexes on the basis of modern pedagogical and information technologies.

The department cooperates with academic lyceum under KarSU, Center for training and retraining of the public education system of Kashkadarya region, Uzbekistan State University of World Languages, National University of Uzbekistan, Samarkand State University of Foreign Languages.

Research interests of the department: "Modernity in teaching English and the problems of innovation in education".

Educational directions and specialties of the department

Bachelor degree

5111400 Foreign Language and Literature (English)

Subjects taught in the department:

Communicative approach to language teaching

An integrated foreign language course

Teaching methods and learning technologies

Formation of intercultural communication in teaching foreign languages

Theoretical aspects of the language being studied

Qualifying practice

Teaching staff of the department:

1.Shonazarov M. Head of the chair

2.Jumanov V. Senior teacher

3.Nizomova X. Senior teacher

4.Xoliqova H. Senior teacher

5. To‘rayeva D. Assistant teacher

6. Qiyomova G. Assistant teacher

7.Nashirova Sh. Assistant teacher

8.Yodgorova Z. Assistant teacher

9.Ro‘ziyev Q. Assistant teacher

10.Xojayorov M. Assistant teacher

11.Jabborova X. Assistant teacher

12.Halimov S. Assistant teacher

13.Otaniyazova M. Assistant teacher

14.Azimov A. Assistant teacher

15.Islomova L. Assistant teacher

Research work of the department

Jumanov Vaydulla “The usage of idiomatical interrogative sentences in colloquial speech texts”.

Kholikova Husnora “Activity of prepositional combinations in scientific and technical text and their translation”.

Yodgorova Zebo "Modern ICTs as a Foreign Language Teaching Tool (English Example)"


Address of the chair: Facultyof Foreign languages, 2nd floor, room № 22G, the chair of “English language and literature”.