Educational quality control department

6 December, 2022

Head of the Edcational Quality Control Department

Nazirov Zulkaynar Sharopovich

Phone: +99890 904-12-50


General specialist of the department

Oripov Shokhrukh Ilkhom ugli

Phone: +99891-953-11-31

General specialist of the department 

Hamrayeva Nargiza Shodiyevna 

Phone: +99890 907-79-56


The department has a head of department and two specialists

Department of Quality Control of Education:

Studying students' knowledge of higher education in accordance with the state educational standards, to analyze the quality of personnel training, taking appropriate measures to provide the Rector and State Inspectorate of higher education with information on results and factors affecting the quality of education; Ensure that all activities, carried out jointly with the State Inspectorate and implement in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 18, 2017 № 515; Provides preparation of higher education institutions for certification processes.


If you have any comments, suggestions or remarks regarding the quality of education at Karshi State University, please contact us at or by phone +99890-904-12-50.