The chair of the microbiology and biotechnology

19 November, 2022

Head the chair: candidate of biological sciences, docent

Sherkulova Jamila Payanovna

Phone: (+998 91) 470-72-27


About the chair

Chair of Microbiology and Biotechnology was founded in authority of department Biology and Biotechnology in December, 2018. There are  3 candidates of sciences, 1 senior lecturer, 5 lecturers. All of them have  master's degree and conduct effective research in their own field.

The chair conducts researches in following areas:

1. Isolation of pure cultures of fungi, development of technology for their morpho-cultural characteristics and cultivation of promising species in artificial nutrient media.

2. Development of diagnostics for early detection of harmful microorganisms of agricultural crops and creation of biopreparation against them.

3. To isolate promising types of microorganisms and study their importance in the national economy.

  In cooperation with the Institute of Microbiology of the UzRAS (Academy of Sciences of  the Republic of Uzbekistan), the Institute of Botany of the UzRAS, the National University of Uzbekistan, Samarkand State University, the Scientific Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture named after Academician Makhmud Mirzaev, the Southern Agricultural Research Institute, the department conducts cooperation in the field of educational, methodological, scientific and scientific production.

Associate Professor J.Sherkulova, head of the department, successfully defended her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) work in biological sciences by J.Sherkulova on the topic "Micromycetes of ornamental trees and shrubs introduced in the conditions of the Kashkadarya oasis".  As a result of scientific work, 1 author's certificate (No. BGU 00359. "Micromycetes of ornamental trees and shrubs of Kashkadarya oasis") was obtained.  In his post-defense work, he published scientific articles in several foreign and republican journals under the jurisdiction of the OAC, as well as in 2021 "Microbiology" laboratory exercises and "Biodamage" training manuals, "Industrial microbiology" and "Identifier of algological and mycological samples for field practical training" and methodological manuals. 

Associate Professor of the chair B.Khujamkulov published a pamphlet "Gissar State Reserve, Central Asian Mountain Nature Model", "Vine diseases and  fight against them".

Associate Professor I.Khaitov successfully finished his research  in Biology on topic  “Biological features of some tree representatives of the family.  Fabaceae Lindi in  condition of  Karshi oasis” I.Khayitov published some methodological manuals  such as "Fundamentals of Biotechnology",  "Biotechnology of Propagation from Cells of Higher Plants" and several scientific articles, and a monograph entitled "Study of local and imported fruit and grape varieties in Kashkadarya Region" in 2021.  Also, scientific researches based on the cooperation agreement concluded with Kashkadarya Scientific Research Station of Horticulture and Viticulture Scientific Research Institute named after Akademik Makhmud Mirzaev.  It is conducted under the leadership of  Docent I.Khaitov.


On the basis of the Laboratory of Genome Technologies of the Southern Agricultural Research Institute, there is a branch of the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology of Karshi State University, and on the basis of cooperation, a practical seminar was held on the topic "Cooperation of higher education and scientific research institutions in the development of microbiological and biotechnological research".  At present,     students are provided all kind of conditions  to carry on industrial and professional internships, and  masters to conduct scientific research.

On November 20, 2021, the department held a Republican scientific-practical conference on "Actual problems of microbiology and biotechnology" in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 25, 2020 No PD-4899 and the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No 78-decree, 2021. The conference published scientific articles and theses on current issues of microbiology and virology, the role of microorganisms in ecology and environmental protection, modern biotechnological methods in food production, the use of microbiotechnology in agriculture, veterinary, pharmaceuticals, medicine and industry.

Professional, scientific-research, pedagogic, spiritual and educational, organizational-management, production activities are carried out by bachelors in the field of education 60710200 - Biotechnology (by branches).

The department has a master's degree in 70510102 - Microbiology and virology and 70510103-Biotechnology, and currently the master's students are conducting scientific research.

At the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology, the system  "Teacher-Student" for talented students has been established.  Each talented student is assigned a scientific supervisor and conducts scientific research on the topics on their choice.  The department has a base of talented students.

The "Young microbiologist and biotechnologists" club was established at the department including  talented, inquisitive,   active and  ingenious students.

Staff of chair:

Sherkulova Jamila Payanovnа - Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences, docent.

Khujamkulov Bahrom Eshboevich - Candidate of Biological Sciences, docent.

Haitov Ilhom Yuldashevich - Candidate of Biological Sciences, Docent.

Sharopova Mohidil Amanovna - a senior lecturer

Chariev Rashid Ravshanovich - a lecturer

Eshonkulov Erkin Yulchi ugli - a lecturer

Salomova Sayyora Samadovna - a lecturer

Murodullaev Dilmurod Dilshodovioch - a lecturer

Kuziboyev Khumoyun Nasim ugli - a lecturer 

Address: Main building A, 3rd floor, room number is 305.