Department Psychology

February 6, 2024

Zhuraev Bakhrom

Head of the department of Psychology
Doctor of psychology (Doctor of Science), Associate Professor
Phone: +998 00 000-00-00
Email: bahrom
Reception days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday of the week from 15:00 to 18:00

Labor activity

1998-2002 student of the Karshi State University.
2009-2011 - Master of the National University of Uzbekistan
2011-2012 - Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, in Karshi State University
2012-2013 - Intern-researcher of the Department of Psychology, in Karshi State University
2013-2014 - Candidate senior researcher Department of Psychology, in Karshi State University,
2014-2018 - Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, in Karshi State University
2018-2019 - acting Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, in Karshi State University
2019-2020 - Deputy Dean for Research of the Pedagogical Faculty of Karshi State University
2020-2022 - Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology, in Karshi State University
2022 - h.v. - Head of the Department of Psychology, in Karshi State University

History of the department

Since 1985, the Department of Psychology of Karshi State University has been functioning separately from the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology. Department of Psychology 1985-1990 Assoc. G. Mazetova, 1991-1993 Assoc. A. Jabborov, 1994-1998 Assoc. N. Boymurodov, Professor from 1999-2015, Azim Jabbarov, Associate Professor from 2015 to 2018, Kh. Karimov, Associate Professor from 2018 to 2021 M. Fayzieva, from April 2022 to the present (Ph.D.), supervised by Associate Professor B. Djuraev.

Main tasks

Provision of psychologists to the population

Taught subjects

General psychology, Ethnopsychology and psychology of religion, Experimental psychology and practice, History of psychology, Psychological phenomena and methods, Sports psychology, Counseling psychology and psychocorrection, General psychodiagnostics, Social psychology, Developmental and differential psychology, Pedagogical psychology and methods of teaching psychology, Medical psychology and psychotherapy, Labor and engineering psychology, Fundamentals of socio-psychological training, Fundamentals of psychological service, Legal psychology, Psychology of spirituality,Family psychology, Individual and group counseling, Psychology of children with deviant behavior, Developmental Psychology.

Scientific works

This academic year, academic staff of the department published scientific articles in the journals "Psychology", "Bola va zamon", "Kardu News" and other scientific journals, "Bulletin of Integrative Psychology" (Russia) and other foreign scientific journals under the auspices of the UAC. On May 17-18, 2022, the department organized an international practical conference "Psychology of the 21st century: problems and scientific prospects". In addition, the teachers of the department actively participated in scientific conferences organized by republican and foreign organizations, with scientific articles and abstracts.In the current calendar year, professors and teachers of the department published a total of about 100 articles and more than 80 abstracts, of which 23 scientific articles were published in foreign journals and 39 articles were published in UAC journals and 31 other journals. In 2022, professors-teachers published 2 textbooks, 2 monographs, 3 study guides, 4 teaching aids (Jabborov A., Joraev B., Fayzieva M., Karimov H., Yoziev E., Bekova Sh., Faiziev Z. ) The department prepares 21 Ph.D. dissertations in 2 directions in accordance with the directions of the department.The scientific and methodological seminars planned for 2022 were held twice a month by the Department of Psychology. Of these, 18 professors and masters took part in 18 scientific and methodological seminars with their lectures.


Kashkadarya regional administration
Department of public education of Kashkadarya region
Department of Internal Affairs of Kashkadarya region
Kashkadarya regional court
Kashkadarya regional prosecutor's office
Southwestern District
Kashkadarya Regional Department of the National Security Service

Teachers of the department

1. Djurayev Bakhrom head of Department (DSc)

2. Jabborov Azim Melikulovich Professor

3. Fayzieva Mavluda Khudayarovna (DSc) Associate Professor

4. Karimov Kholmurod Karimovich Associate Professor

5. Beknazarova Lola Sadinovna Associate Professor

6. Sattorova Gulnora Ikromovna Associate Professor

7. Fayziev Zohiddin Khasanboyevich Associate Professor

8. Bekova Shamsiya Djabborovna Associate Professor 

9. Jabborov Ismail Azimovich Ps.f.f.d. (PhD) associate professor 

10. Rajabova Feruza Pozilovna Ps.f.f.d. (PhD) head teacher

11. Kulatova Svetlana Yuldashevna Ps.f.f.d. (PhD) head teacher

12. Yoziyev Erkin Sa'dullayevich Associate Professor 

13. Abdunazarova Nilufar Eshnazarovna Ps.f.f.d. (PhD) head teacher

14. Adilova Shohida Tuychiyevna Ps.f.f.d. (PhD 

15. Khusanov Abbas Makhmudovich Ps.f.f.d. (PhD) head teacher

16. Qudarov Akmal Ibadullayevich Ps.f.f.d. (PhD

17. Kuziyev Oybek Chuliyevich Ps.f.f.d. (PhD

18. Ernazarova Ra'no Yuldashevna Ps.f.f.d. (PhD

19. Amirkulov Jamshid Rizvonkulovich Teacher

20. Shukurova Dilfuza Raupovna Teacher

21. Ergasheva Sayyora Kholyorovna Teacher

22. Ismailov Nortoji Kenjayevich Teacher

23. Islamova Sayyora Sadiqovna Teacher

24. Urinova Latofat Shavkatovna Teacher

25. Mamadiyorov Ulmas Ergashevich Teacher

26. Kamilova Madina Khamidzhonovna Teacher