The chair of psychology

8 November, 2022

The head of chear:

Jurayev Bakhrom

Phone: (+99894524 34 71


 Department history

Since 1985, the Department of Psychology of Karshi State University has been functioning separately from the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology. The Department of Psychology was headed by Associate Professor G. Mazetova in 1985-1990, Associate Professor A. Jabborov in 1991-1993, Associate Professor N. Boymurodov in 1994-1998, Professor A. Jabborov in 1999-2016, Associate Professor Kh. Karimov in 2016-2018, Associate Professor Kh. Karimov in 2018-2021, Associate Professor M. Fayzieva, Associate Professor Z. Fayziev in 2021-2022, Associate Professor B. Juraev from 2022 to the present.

Department members:

Juraev Bahrom - PhD, Associate Professor

Jabborov Azim Meylikulovich - Doctor of Psychology, Professor

Fayziyeva Mavluda Khudayarovna – Candidate of Pschology, Associate Professor

Karimov Kholmurod Karimovich - Candidate of Pschology, Associate Professor

Beknazarova Lola Sadinovna - Candidate of Pschology, Associate Professor

Maksadova Mehrinso Saykhanovna - Candidate of Pschology, Associate Professor

Sattarova Gulnora Ikramovna - PhD, Associate Professor

Fayziev Zohiddin Khasanboevich - PhD, Associate Professor

Bekova Shamsiya Jabbarovna - PhD, Associate Professor

Jabborov Ismoil Azimovich - PhD, Associate Professor

Rajabova Feruza Pozilovna - PhD

Kulatova Sveta Yuldashevna - PhD

Berdiyeva Gulmira Juraevna – PhD

Yoziyev Erkin Sadullaevich - Senior Lecturer

Ismoilov Nortoji Kenjayevich - teacher

Shukurova Dilfuza Raupovna - teacher

Abdunazarova Nilufar Eshpulatovna - teacher

Amirkulov Jamshid Rizvonkulovich – teacher

Islamova Sayyora Sadikovna - teacher

Ergasheva Sayyora Kholerovna - teacher

Ernazarova Rano Yuldashevna - teacher

Urinova Latofat Shovkatovna - teacher

Kamilova Madina Khamidjonovna - teacher

Mamadiyorov Ulmas Ergashevich - teacher

Tursunkulova Shodiya Tolib kizi - teacher

Mustafayeva Dilnoza Kayum kizi - teacher

Rakhmatov Zokhid Khanazarovich - teacher

Norkobilova Surayyo Gulom kizi - teacher

Khusanov Abbos Mahmudovich - teacher

Nazhimova Latofat Naimovna - senior departmental assistant

At the Department of Psychology, starting from the 1993-1994 academic year, 5310200-Psychology in the field of education, since 2015 5210200 Psychology: (by type of activity), since 2018, 5210203 Bachelors are preparing to receive higher education and a specialist diploma in applied psychology. Taking into account the growing need for practicing psychologists and psychologist-inspectors in the field of social development of the region, psychologists are being trained in correspondence and second higher education courses.

Also, masters study in the directions 70310901-Psychology (by type of activity) and 70310901-Psychology of family relations. 19.00.05 - Social psychology within the framework of research at the department. Ethnopsychology and 19.00.06 - Youth and pedagogical psychology. Doctoral studies are being prepared in the specialty of developmental psychology.

These specialists work as psychologists in secondary schools in the Kashkadarya region, as inspectors-psychologists for working with minors in the internal affairs system, the regional administration, regional research institutes "Supporting the family and neighbors" and many other organizations. At the moment, 30 professors work at the Department of Psychology. Among them 1 doctor of sciences, professor; 4 PhDs are associate professors; 8 Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) Associate Professors in Psychology, 1 Senior Lecturer; There are 18 teachers and 1 senior departmental assistant.

The following subjects are taught at the department in the areas of «60310900-Applied Psychology and 5110900-Pedagogy-Psychology»:

General psychology

Ethnopsychology and psychology of religion

Experimental psychology and practice

History of psychology

Psychological phenomena and methodology

Sports psychology

Consultations on psychology and psychocorrection

General psychodiagnostics

Social Psychology

Developmental and differential psychology

Pedagogical psychology and methods of teaching psychology

Medical psychology and psychotherapy

Labor and engineering psychology

Fundamentals of socio-psychological training

Deviant children

Cognitive psychology

Psychology of management

Psychogenetics and other sciences

All subjects taught at the department are conducted on the basis of modern pedagogical technologies and information and communication technologies, all resources of legal documents of educational activities, electronic educational and methodological complexes and a modular platform have been created.

In the next 5 years, 8 doctoral dissertations (PhD) were prepared at the department and all of them were successfully defended (Joraev B., Sattorova G., Fayziev Z., Bekova Sh., Dzhabborov I., F. Radzhabova, S. Kulatova, G. Berdiev). 3 professors (Fayzieva M. and Juraev B., Fayziev Z.) from the department are preparingDSc. dissertations as independent researchers. In addition, professors-teachers of the department conduct scientific research on a large scale.In particular, in subsequent years, members of the department published about 100 scientific articles in Scopus, prestigious foreign journals and scientific journals included in the list of the HAC. Including Professor A. Jabborov. Associate Professor M.Fayzieva, Associate Professor M.Maksadova, Associate Professor H.Karimov, Associate Professor L.Beknazarova, Associate Professor B.Joraev, Associate Professor Z.Fayziyev, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences (PhD) Sh.Bekova, I.Jabborov, Radjabova F. As an example one can cite the works of Kulatova S., Berdieva G. and others in the field of scientific research.

         « Psychodiagnostics and psychocorrection of the formation of criminal motives in adolescents» by Professor A. Zhabborov, methodological manuals « Experimental psychology and workshop», « Legal psychology» by associate professor B. Juraev and the monograph « Psychological features of the formation of legal literacy among adolescents» , by Associate Professor M. Fayziyeva « Monographs « Protective mechanisms of personality psychology», E. Yozievs textbook «Social Psychology» and «Psychology of Management», Z. Fayziyev «Socio-psychological mechanisms for managing emotional situation in sports activities». This yearG. Sattorova’s textbook «Feeling and the Psychologist of Will» and «Psycho-Correction of Arbitrary Qualities», teaching aids«Psychology of Sports» by Kh. Karimov were published.

The department conducts many spiritual and legal events in cooperation with regional public organizations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Southwestern Military District. At these events, lectures, seminars and trainings are held on the topics of prevention and diagnosis of stressful situations, the psychology of family relations, self-government in a team, management psychology, which are considered relevant to society.

The Department of Psychology cooperates with prestigious foreign higher educational institutions. In particular, India, Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazan constantly cooperate with state universities. On June 17-19, 2022, the international scientific and practical conference "Psychology of the 21st century: problems and prospects" was held, in which, along with mature psychologists from prestigious universities of our country, leading professors of foreign countries took part.

The group "Young Psychologist" operates at the department (heads E. Yoziev and Z. Fayziev).Students of 2-3 courses participate in the circle, who conduct purposeful work in the field of scientific research.In particular, in 2022, 5A210201-Psychology (by type of activity), 2nd year undergraduate Norkobilova Surayyo Gulom kizi and 5210200-Psychology (by type of activity), 4th year student Shukurova Makhliyo Bokievnabecame the owners of the state scholarship of the President ofthe Republic of Uzbekistan.




The address of the department: Kochabog, 17, Karshi