The chair of the world history

7 November, 2022

The head of chair:  DSс, professor

Gavhar Muminova Esanovna

Tel: +99891-962-22-52


In 1957, a department called "General History" was created, in 1996 it was renamed "World History", and on September 29, 2004, the department "World History and Archeology" was organized on the basis of the Department of World History and the Center for Archeology and Ethnology. Over the years, this department was headed by prof. G. Tukhtametov, prof. O.Eshkuvvatov, prof. A. Mavlonov, Assoc. H. Egamberdiev, Assoc. S. Turdiev, Assoc. I. Manzarov, Assoc. T. Rashidova and O. Buriev. From June 2014 to December 2018, the Departments of History of Uzbekistan and General History and Archeology were merged into the Department of History. Since December 2018, the department was divided into two departments and the Department of World History was re-formed, initially the head of the department was Ph.D. N. Razhabova. Since July 2019, the head of the department is Doctor of Historical Sciences prof. G. Muminova.

G. Tukhtametov, O. Eshkuvvatov, A. Mavlonov, T. Rashidova and O. Buriev are scientists who have made a great contribution to the development of the department. They fruitfully worked at the Department of World History (later World History and Archeology) of Karshi State University. Successfully working, they showed themselves as successful scientists and talented teachers. During their activity, they have written and published more than a hundred scientific articles, brochures and books, while making a great contribution to the education of our youth as specialists and comprehensively developed future personnel.

Ochil Buriev headed the department in 2004-2013. During his leadership of the department, the volume of educational and research work has increased. A scientific seminar on the specialty "07.00.07 - Ethnology, ethnography and anthropology" functioned at the department. Many candidate and doctoral dissertations (including foreign researchers) were discussed and recommended for defense.

Docent. O. Buriev became an academician of the Turan Academy of Sciences in January 2013, and since June 2017 - an honorary professor of the university.

Since 2000, the department has hired young teachers who are studying in graduate school and successfully defended their PhD dissertations: G. Tosheva (1976-2012), F. Rakhmonov, N. Rajabova and M. Usmanov.

Currently, the department has 2 professors, 2 doctors of sciences, 4 associate professors, 4 acting professors. associate professor and 4 senior lecturers and assistants.

The entire learning process at the department is carried out on the basis of modern pedagogical technologies and information technologies in all subjects taught at the department. The department has one lecture hall equipped with modern information and communication facilities. In this lecture hall lectures of professors-teachers of the department are held.

The curriculum of the department includes archaeological, ethnological and pedagogical practices, which are successfully carried out with students according to the established plan.

In the international sphere, the department cooperates with the Department of History of Russia and Documentation on the basis of a memorandum signed with Karshi State University and Belgorod State National Research University of the Russian Federation on the basis of a joint educational program. Associate professors of the department "History of Russia and Documentation" Anna Dudka and Ivan Shatokhin gave lectures to masters as part of joint training.

The department has always been in scientific cooperation with research institutes of history, archeology, oriental studies, UzMU, SamDU, TerDU, BukhDU, Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after. Nizomi. Professors Kakhramon Radjabov and Adhamjon Ashirov of the Institute of History of the RUAN gave a lecture for masters.

At the department there is a group "Young Archaeologist", in which about 40 talented students are involved, who are given topics for scientific research.

Subjects taught at the department:

Undergraduate: 60220300 - History (by qualifications and directions)

1. Special historical sciences

2. Digital history

3. Historical anthropology

4. Archeology and ethnology

5. World history

6. History of science and technology

7. History of international cooperation and diplomacy

8. History of world civilizations

9. Methods of teaching history and educational technologies

10. Scientific heritage of Eastern scientists

11. Modern history of foreign countries

Master: 70220301 - History (by directions and types of activity)

Issues of historical reconstruction

Paleoecology and civilization

Sources and historiography of ancient Eastern history

Topical issues of world ethnology

Political processes in Eurasia in the twentieth century: the fall of the autocracy

History of state and local government in Uzbekistan

History of European Civilizations

Socio-economic and political development of Russia in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Professors-teachers of the department:

1. Mominova Gavkhar, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

2. Ochil Buriev - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor

3. Nilufar Rajabova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

4. Rakhmonov Fakhriddin - candidate of historical sciences, associate professor.

5. Murtoz Usmanov, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor

6. Pardaev Asror - candidate of historical sciences, associate professor.

7. Berdiev Jamshid - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

8. Dostov Abduvali - Associate Professor V.B.

9. Ravshanova Gulora - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

10. Tashpolatov Bekzod - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

11. Egamberdiev Fahriddin - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

12. Tukhtamisheva Fatima - teacher

13. Omonova Sarvinoz - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

14. Toshtemirova Nigora - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

15. Toshtemirov Doston, Head of Cabinet

Scientific work carried out at the department:

The research topic of the department is called “Kashkadarya oasis in the context of world civilizations”, and Muminova G., Buriev O., Rakhmonov F., Razhabova N., Usmonov M., Pardaev A., Berdiev Zh., B. Toshpulatov, F. Egamberdiev, F. Tukhtamisheva.

Scientific and methodological work carried out at the department:



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Achievements of the department:

In 2021, the teacher of the department Berdiev Jamshid Panzhievich, in 2022 Gulora Ravshanova, Bekzod Toshpulatov, Fakhriddin Egamberdiev, Oidinoy Ochilova, Nigora Toshtemirova and Sarvinoz Omonova received a PhD in history. In the 2020-2021 academic year, the teachers of the department Murtoz Usmanov, Fahriddin Rahmonov, Asror Pardaev and Nilufar Radjabova received the title of associate professor. After discussing the dissertations of Associate Professor Fahriddin Rakhmonov (DSc) and lecturer Fatima Tokhtamyshova (PhD), their works were recommended for a scientific seminar.

The department often organizes scientific conferences for active students. seminars, round tables and various other events led by professors and teachers. A student of the department Zoirova Gulmira took an active part in the training "Media Literacy in the Process of Working with Youth" and became the winner in the nomination "Best Participant" of the "Hope of the Nation" competition, receiving a certificate from the Youth Forum. Another talented student of the department Toychieva Makhliyo took 1st place in painting at the Republican talent competition.

Khodjayorov Asilbek, undergraduate of the department, took a high place in the republican essay competition, won and received a cash reward in the amount of 3,000,000 million soums. In addition, third-year student Kholliev Dilshod was awarded a diploma for successful participation in the republican stage of the student scientific Olympiad in the 2020-2021 academic year.

On May 14, 2022, the Department of World History held an international scientific and practical conference on the history and culture of Uzbekistan in the system of Central Asian civilizations. Professors from the Republics of India, Pakistan, Russia, Poland, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Egypt took part in the conference with their lectures via the Zoom platform. 


Address of the department: Karshi city, Kuchabog street, house 17. Faculty of History, office 124.