The chair of russian language and literature

22 June, 2021

Head of the chair:  PhD, assistant professor

Khamrayeva Yorkinoy Nabijanovna

Reception hours: Every Friday from 15:00 to 17:00

Phone: (+99875) 221-20-93


About the chair

The chair of Russian Language and Literature was founded in 1996 by the merger of four departments:

The chair of Russian linguistics

Russian and foreign languages literature chair

The chair of Russian and Literature Teaching Methods

The chair of Russian and Russian faculties

Currently, there are 20 teachers in the chair. Five of them are Candidate of Science (including 4 associate professors), 5 senior teachers and 10 teachers.

The scientific potential of the department is 25%. The chair prepares Russian language and literature specialists.

Chair cooperation

The chair is a research associate with scientific and research institutes of language and literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, NUU, UzJTU, ToshPU, Nizami TSPU, SamSU, Bukhara, Termez University, business and creative contacts.

By the end of the year, the chair has signed a cooperation agreement with the Belgorod State National University of Uzbekistan. The senior teacher of the department, B.Sulaymonov, will undergo a professional development course on the basis of the Fund "Istedod". Normuradov Ravshan is a graduate of the Department of Russian Language and Literature at the Department of History of Philology (Department of Philology, Master's Program: 44.04.01, Pedagogical Education, Language Teaching).

In December 2018, the associate professors Levina EM, Danilenko A.P. and Muromtseva OV During the internship at Karshi State University, lectures and lectures for professors and teachers of the Russian Language and Literature Department were held.

Within the framework of cooperation with Belgorod State National Research University, Russian language courses have been started in January 2019. These courses cover the following areas: "Russian Language and Literature for Entrants", "Russian as a Foreign Language", Russian Course for Entrepreneurs ".

In order to provide scientific and educational literature of the department, it has been providing with over 200 textbooks, visual aids, audio and video cassettes and other educational and methodological materials, providing great practical assistance.

For the past 10 years, based on the economic agreement with Karshi State University, the Russian language course has been functioning. In recent years, specialists and employees of the Koson Oil Plant (responsible – B. Sulaymanov), and also Russian language courses for applicants (responsible persons: LA Khalilova, EV Milovanova).

Starting from January 2018, new courses have been introduced. "Russian. Literature for applicants ". Responsible - senior teacher Khalilova L.A.

Education: 5111300 - Mother tongue and literature (Russian language and literature) 

The scientific direction of the department is "Problems of translation of Russian philology"

Scientific-methodical works

At the department there is a scientific-methodical seminar on "Topical issues of Russian philology and problems of translation".

Training sessions are equipped with computers, electronic boards and multimedia equipment for the organization of training sessions in modern mode.

During the last five years teachers of the department published the following manuals:

1.L.A. Halilova, D.R. Pardayeva. Russian language. (Guidance for students of the Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences) - Karshi, 2007.

2. L.N. Elmuradova, L.U. Bobonazarova. Russian language. (Educational-methodical manual for 1st year students of faculties of higher education humanities and natural sciences) - Karshi, 2011 /.

3. Z.X. Saidova, R.I. Saydullayeva. Current Russian language. Karshi, 2012.

4. YNHamrayeva. Comparative grammar of Russian and Uzbek languages. -Qarshi: Nasaf, 2013.

5. L.A. Halilova. The tutor (1-2 chapters). - Tashkent: "Navruz", 2013. 2014.

6. D.R. Pardayeva. Russian Literature Practice and Expression Reading (Part 1). -Carry. 2013, 2014.

7. L.N. Elmuradova. Functional-semantic area of ​​Uzbek language. -Tashkent: Vector-Press, 2013.

Research work of the department

In recent years the department has published several monographs by professors.

1.Y.N.Hamrayeva. Creating an ideological dictionary on verbs. -Tashkent: Science and Technology, 2014.

2. D.U. Jo'rayev. Theoretical and methodological foundations of the organization and management of education in Turkistan (the second half of the 19th century at the beginning of the 20th century). -Tashkent: Fan, 2014.

3. L.N. Elmuradova. Functional-semantic micro-level in Uzbek. -Qarshi: Nasaf, 2014.

Members of the department published more than 200 scientific articles in journals and collections of international, republican and higher education. Associate Professor Y.N. Hamrayeva is working on his doctoral dissertation.

According to the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from February 17, 2017 № 86, teachers of the department on April 22, 2017, the Republican scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of Russian philology and problems of translation" practical conference.

Professors-teachers from the educational institutions of Tashkent, Samarkand, Jizzakh, Termez and other regions took active part in this conference as philologists-scientists, doctors of science, professors, candidates of science.

Participation of the department in innovative projects

Teacher of the department Azizova N.B. works on two projects:

UZDOC project "Improving the quality of doctoral education in Higher Education Institutions of Uzbekistan". N.B. Azizova is responsible for seminars organized in Karshi. Grant Recipient: UNICA - Network of European Universities (Belgium). Project duration: 15.10.2016. from 14.10.2019;

RENES project on "Development of Master Program in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment." N.B. Azizova is a coordinator. Grant recipient: University L 'Aquila (Italy). Project duration: 15.10.2016. from 14.10.2019.

Selected subjects of the chair

Russian and Literature Teaching Methods

History of Russian

Current Russian language

General linguistics

Russian dialectology

Comparative grammar

History of Russian Literature

Modern Russian Literature

Introduction to Literature

Literary theory

Translation Theory and Practice

History of World Literature

Innovative technologies of teaching Russian and Literature

Special course

Selected subjects

Structure of the chair:

Hamrayeva Yorqinoy Nabijonovna - Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the chair

Kurasova Nina Vasilyevna - Ph.D., Associate Professor

Mirzaeva Klara Temirovna - Ph.D., Associate Professor

Muratov Bakhodir Muratovich - Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Elmuradova Laylo Nomuratovna - Ph.D., Associate Professor.

Halilova Luiza Adilovna - Senior teacher

Milovanova Elena Valeryevna - Senior teacher

Sulaymanov Bakhodir Kurbonovich - senior teacher

Pardayeva Dilfuza Raimovna - senior teacher

Bazarova Nodira Shamsievna - teacher

Saidova Zuhra Khudoynazarovna - teacher

Saydullayeva Rano Ibotovna - teacher

Yuldasheva Lola Kuldashevna - teacher

Yuldasheva Laylo Ulugbekovna - teacher

Hamrayev Dilshod Hamdamovich - teacher

Ubojenko Anna Stanislavovna - teacher

Tursakhatov Erkin Elmuradovich - teacher

Karimov Bolta Pattayevich is a teacher

Buronova Jamila Aliyeva - teacher

Azizova Nasiba Bahritdinovna - teacher