The Chair of Physiology

30 March, 2023

Head of the Chair: Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Chuliyev Ikrom Nematullayevich

Phone: (99 890) 638-17-48

About the Chair

The Chair of Physiology was created in September 2021 on the basis of the Chair of Zoology and Physiology. The department employs 16 professors and teachers in 14,5 staff units including 1 doctor of sciences, professor, 3 candidates of sciences, associate professors,2  PhD, senior teacher, 1 senior teacher, 10 assistants. The scientific potential is 37,5 %.

Cooperation of the Chair

The department cooperates with the National University of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Biophysics and Biochemistry at the National University of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent Medical Academy, the Tashkent Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education, the Republican Institute of Health, the Tashkent State Institute of Physical Culture, the Samarkand State University, the Health Department of the Kashkadarya Region, the Shakhrisabz and Karshi medical sanitary schools, the Karshi College of the Olympic Reserves and other higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, the Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of Kashkadarya Region, the Kashkadarya regional department of public education and its territorial divisions, the Kashkadarya regional research institute for the selection of grain crops and seed production, as well as with a number of manufacturing enterprises.

Here are some episodes from lectures, workshops and events held in collaboration with the above organizations: 

Directions and specialties of education in the Chair

The department prepares bachelors in the direction 60510100 – Biology, as well as masters in the specialty 70510101 – Biology (human and animal physiology). In addition, the staff of the department conduct classes in all other teaching directions in the university.

Scientific councils and scientific seminars at the Chair

The University has a Scientific Council No. PhD.03/30.06.2020.V.70.03, which awards academic degrees, as well as a scientific seminar 03.00.08  Human and Animal Physiology. This year the applicant G.Buranova successfully defended her thesis and received a Philosophy Doctor (PhD) degree in biological sciences. 

The Chair conducts research in the following priority areas:

1. Problems of promoting and introducing a healthy lifestyle among population;

2. Study of the nutrition of various groups of the population and organization of healthy nutrition. 

Information about scientific and scientific-methodical seminars of the Chair. 

Seminar title

Seminar type

Full name, scientific degree, title and position of the chairman of the seminar


Actual problems of physiology, biochemistry and biophysics


Kurbonov Sh.K. - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Chairman;

Chuliev I.N. Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Co-chairman

Scientific and methodological activities of the Chair

The Chair employs 1 doctor of sciences and 5 candidates of sciences, associate professors. During the 2020-2021 academic year, they published a number of textbooks, monographs and study guides, as well as articles in international and national journals.

Research work at the Chair

The Chair conducts research in the following areas:

1. Digestion of various nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract;

2. Study of modern nutrition of various groups of the population and promotion of rational nutrition issues;

3. Study of the mechanisms of transportation of various elements and biologically active substances through the membrane.

On the basis of research in these areas, today the applicant of the Chair K. Dustov continues his fruitful research on his PhD thesis on the topic “Rational nutrition and its optimization for those who go in for various sports (wrestlers, athletes, football players, etc.)”.

Also, the teacher of the Chair G. Buronova conducted a study on the topic “Analysis of the current nutrition of pregnant and lactating mothers and ways of rationalizing it (on the example of the southern regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan)” in the specialty 03.00.08 – Human and animal physiology, successfully defended at the Chair scientific seminar and presented to the Academic Council for the awarding of academic degrees at the University No. PhD.03/30.06.2020.V.70.03.

In addition, the Chair conducts scientific and scientific-methodological work to create the medical basis of a healthy lifestyle among young people. Also, a lot of work has been done to study the current diet of various groups of the population and promote the principles of rational nutrition, taking into account local traditions and conditions. The results of this work are published in the materials of international and republican scientific conferences.

As a result of research work, professors and teachers of the Chair this year published 1 textbook and 2 monographs, published 16 articles in international journals, 6 in journals listed in the Higher Attestation Commission, 10 abstracts at international scientific conferences, 17 abstracts at national conferences. 

Working with gifted students

The Chair has a good system of work with gifted students, including a “mentor-apprentice” system for gifted students. Each gifted student is assigned a research advisor who assists in conducting research on a chosen topic. The Chair has created a base of talented students. Scientific conferences, seminars, round tables and other events for gifted students are often held under the guidance of professors and teachers of the Chair.

The state of work with gifted students at the Chair at the level of requirements. The work carried out as a result of identifying, selecting talented students, assigning scientific topics in accordance with their interests, gives positive results. In the 2020-2021 academic year, the number of gifted students was 20, they were engaged in research work at the Chair, published articles and abstracts in a number of prestigious journals and conference proceedings. Talented students prepare for prestigious scholarships and science competitions.

Members of the Young Physiologist and Young Biochemist circles and gifted students are encouraged to organize monthly lectures on the relevant topic and publish the best of them.


In 2021, the Chair plans to implement economic contracts in the amount of 35 million soums with industrial enterprises and organizations of the region:

1. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the workers of the Mubarek Gas Processing Plant;

2. Organization of training courses for applicants. 

Subjects taught at the Chair 


Master's degree:

Human and animal physiology



Molecular biology

Physiology of nutrition and digestion

Age physiology and hygiene

Human physiology

Physiological basis of exercises and Biomechanics

Physiology of Higher Nervous Activity and Central Nervous System

Anatomy and physiology of children

Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge

Fundamentals of valeology

Human anatomy

Biology of ionizing radiation

Sports medicine

Physical education hygiene

Pediatrics and Childrens Hygiene

Biomedicine Basics

Physiology of the cardiovascular system

Physiology of higher nervous activity

Physiology of digestion and nutrition

Physiology of metabolism and energy

Respiratory physiology

Physiology of the endocrine system

Physiology of the Central Nervous System

The composition of the Chair:

Name of professors and teachers

Academic degree and title

Chuliyev Ikrom Ne’matullayevich

Head of the Chair: Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Kurbonov Shoniyoz Kurbonovich

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Turan Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Karimov Olim Rasulovich

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Kurbonov Abdulaziz Shoniyozovich

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Raxmatullayev Yorkin Shokirovich

Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Umedova Shoxida Numanovna

PhD, Lecturer.

Jovliyev Baxtiyor Xolbayevich

Senior Lecturer.

Dustov Karim Turayevich


Xalimov Murodulla Ziyodullayevich


Buronova Gulnoza Boymuratovna


Xazratova Xulkar Normurodovna


Sattorova Iroda Yangiboyevna


Xosilova Ziyofat Begmurodovna


Kiyomova Nozigul Farxodovna


Xamzayeva Nargiza Rajabboyevna


Turayev Yolkin SHerzod ugli


Yuldosheva Roxila Jumayevna


Xaydarova Shaxnoza


Avliyokulova Musharraf


Xolliyeva Shaxlo Baxtiyorovna


Organizational-methodical and spiritual-educational work carried out at the Chair

In the current academic year, the Chair has carried out a number of significant organizational, methodological and spiritual educational work, some of which are presented in the following photos:  

The Chair address: Karshi, Kuchabog str., 17. Building of the Faculty of Chemistry-Biology, 4th floor.