The chair of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources

19 September, 2022

Head of chair: doctor of philosophy

Vardiashvili Afdandil Askarovich

Phone: (+998 93) 525-14-41


 From the history of the department: 

The Department of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources was formed on September 2021 on the basis of the Department of Thermal Physics and Heat Power Engineering. Since September 2021, the department is headed by Ph.D., Assoc. Vardiyashvili Afdandil Askarovich. Currently, the department employs 6 associate professors, 3 tbsp. teachers and 6 assistants. Scientific potential is 32%. The staff of the department received 4 patents, published 4 monographs, as well as textbooks, scientific articles and abstracts in foreign and republican journals, in collections of materials of international and republican conferences. Currently, the department is carrying out 4 doctoral work.

Since 2018, the department has been issuing masters in the specialty 70530904-Physics of renewable energy sources and a sustainable environment, and the department also trains bachelors in the following areas: 60711000-Alternative energy sources (by type), 60721200-Design and technology of light industry products, 61040100- Transport logistics (road transport)

Discipline department: 

Teachers of the department are followed bachelor occupation: 

60711000-Alternative energy sources (by type),

·                Theoretical foundations of heat technology. 

·      Alternative energy sources energy equipment. 

·      The theoretical foundations of the heat-art 

·      Alternative energy sources 

·      Energy equipment 

·      Design, installation, operation, equipment, and processes of heat, mass exchange
neat engineering and internal combustion engines

·      Thermal power plants 

·      High temperature processes 

·      Secondary energy sources 

·      Heating and network 

·      Environmental protection equipment when operating the heat 

·      Standards of heating, ventilation and air building. 

 60721200 - Designing and technology of products of a light industry (Easy textiles)

• Methodology of professional education

• Basics of metrology, standardization and certificates

• Material science of light industrial products

• Painting and art graphics

• Fundamentals of applied anthropology and biomechanics.

• Basics of composition

• History of costume and fashion

• Basics of designing light industrial products

• Professional skills.

• Educational workshop

• Dress design

• Construction of light industrial products

• Technology of light industrial products

• Light industrial technological equipment

• Designing the technological process of production of light industrial products.

  61040100- Transport logistics (road transport)

  Admission to the specialty

• General course of transport

• Metrology, standardization and interoperability

• Logistics

• Transport economics and management

• Modeling the process of transportation in cars

• Transport logistics

• Intelligent systems for managing the transportation process

• Urban transport system planning

• Multimodal transportation technology

• Management of transport systems

• Organization and management of transportation by public transport

   Transportation of goods by car

70530904- Physics of renewable energy and sustainable environment

• Physical principles of solar energy

• High temperature solar heaters

• Renewable Energy Sources

• Physical principles of photovoltaics

• Applied solar energy

• Physics of photovoltaic materials

• Optical properties of photovoltaic materials

• Principles of Energy

• Lens and spectroscopy of solar cells

 Structure of faculty: 

Vardiyashvili Afdandil Askarovich, Associate Professor 

Teymurhanov Anwar Teymurhanovich, assistant professor 

Bobojonov Yuldosh Tilovovich, Associate Professor 

Zohirova Shakhnoza Murodillayevna, teacher 

Vardiyashvili Asfandiyar Askarovich, Senior Lecturer 

Utaev Sobir Achilovich, teacher 

Rakhmonov Farhad Gapparovich, Senior Lecturer 

Daminova Yulduz Salimovna, teacher 

Karimova Salima Elomonovna, teacher 

Karimov Bakhodir Safarovich, teacher  

 By the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to scientific and research works carried out in accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from May 26, 2017 "About the Program of measures on further development of renewable energy in 2017-2021, energy efficiency in the economy and social sphere" Scientists from the Karshi State University are actively involved in the work carried out on the basis of the European Union's Erasmus program. One of them is RENES: Development of Master Program in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment.

Grant Grantee is the University of Louisville, Italy, which has four principal European Higher Education Institutions (BAUs), Germany's Berlin Technical University, Swedish Technology Institute of Germany, Sofia University of Technology and Metallurgy and six heis and non-academic organizations in Uzbekistan.

 The project has been designed for 3 years (2016-2019), with the goal of: to create a new profile of renewable energy sources and engineers in the field of sustainable environmental management, which will be able to address environmental and energy issues at the local and regional levels in Uzbekistan.

In order to effectively implement the above mentioned "RENES" project and the tasks assigned to it, a working group was set up under the leadership of university dots.A.A. Vardiyashvili.

Within the framework of the project EDIBON, the Spanish company, set up a computer-controlled solar-powered device and computerized heat-emitting laboratory equipment and experimental tests.

All young teachers are assigned to experienced teachers in order to increase the scientific potential of the department. 3 teachers are working on a doctoral dissertation. There is a scientific seminar at the department.

The department works on the basis of cooperation with the Institute of Physics and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the National Research Institute of Renewable Energy Sources under the Ministry of Energy, the Department of Physics of the National University of Uzbekistan, the Guzar Industrial and Technical College and many higher educational institutions of our republic.

Research work is carried out on the basis of an agreement with employees of the Kashkadarya Regional Heating Network, UE Khisorak HPP and manufacturing enterprises.

At the department there is a club "Young Power Engineer", in which more than 20 talented students are engaged

The department has 2 educational laboratories. In addition, the department conducts scientific research in the field of "Renewable energy sources" and solar energy. Masters complete master's theses.

Two associate professors of the department, A.A. Vardiyashvili, are members of the specialized academic council for the defense of doctoral dissertations.

Members of the department actively participate with their articles and abstracts in scientific and practical conferences held at the international, republican, regional and university levels.


In the framework of the project Erasmus + specialists of the company, which conducts practical training, was established solar power plant with the computer management of the Spanish company EDIBON.



The head of the department took part in the International Week of Innovative Ideas “Inno Week.Uz-2021”, which was held on November 23-27, 2021 in Tashkent.



Experimental work at the heliopolygon of Karshi State University

Minister of Higher Education Abdukadyr Tashkulov visited the Laboratory of Renewable Energy Sources established at Karshi State University.


On June 3-4, 2022, the Department of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources of the Faculty of Physics organized a republican scientific and technical conference on the topic "Problems and solutions for the efficient use of alternative energy sources."

Students in the direction of alternative energy sources in industrial practice

 The main scientific activity of the department: 

1.  Problems and Solutions unconventional economic use of energy. 

2.  Nontraditional energy sources. 

Address of the department: Faculty of Physics, B-corpus, 4th floor.

  Department of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources




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