Interfaculty chair of german language

19 November, 2022

Head of the chair Senior Teacher


Phone number: (+99893) 930-70-67


History of the chair

The department of interfaculty German language was established on October 2, 2021.

In 1965, the Karshi State Pedagogical Institute began to accept students in the departments of English and German philology in order to train highly qualified specialists in foreign languages. The chair established in 1967 as an independent department of German philology on the basis of the Department of Foreign Languages to provide high quality education and combine the scientific potential of the Republic (German language and literature).

The department was headed by following professors such as Senior Teacher Sh. Abdunazarov in 1970-1972, Senior teacher L. Kozhenkova from 1973 to 1975, candidate of philological sciences from 1976 to 1990, associate professor N. Elmurodov. From 1990 to 2009 the chair was headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor G. Khodjaev, from 2009 to 2014, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior Teacher K. Markaev. From 2015 to 2021, it was headed by A.Mahmudov, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Senior Teacher. From October 2, 2021 on the basis of the German language and literature department the chair of inter-faculty German language became an independent chair.

The chair has a senior teacher and 12 assistant teachers.

The chair has established regular cooperation with the German DAAD, Goethe Institute in Uzbekistan, and actively participates in seminars on various topics.


Teachers of the department Yu. Raximova and M. Shirova’s handbook "Deutsch Topics" guide for non-philological faculty students, Yu. Raximova, M. Shirova and M. Niyazova's methodical manual "DEUTSCH KREATIV" for students of non-philological faculties, German textbook "Deutsch" were created in collaboration with N. Ishankulova for students of non-philological faculties, associate professor G. K. Khodjaev and teacher Sh. Ashurova’s the textbook "Deutsch" shows that today the scientific and methodological methods of the department are carried out at a high level.

The department has established cooperation in the field of science, science and methodology of various departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National University of Uzbekistan UzSWLU and SamSFLI.

Professors and teachers of the chair also carry out a number of activities related to cooperation with schools. In particular, together with school No. 14 of the Yakkabog district, they held an event on the topic “Communicative approach to teaching the German language”. The event was also attended by the coordinator of the Goethe-Institut, Mr. Simon Kretschmer. The purpose of Mr. Kretschmer's visit to the school is that since May 2022, the school has signed an agreement with the German state partner school PASCH SCHULE.


The members of the chair also held a number of events on spiritual and educational topics. In the mosque of Odina, one of the ancient monuments of the city of Karshi, an event was organized for the museum "Memorial of the Victims of Repressions". At the beginning of the event, a lecture was given on the history of the Odina Mosque, the historical sources of the city of Karshi and the role of the mosque, which was considered the center of knowledge and enlightenment in the ancient city of Nasaf, in the development of our culture. Thanks to the lecture, the participants of the event received enough information about the mosque of Odina.


The direction of the department: "Methods of teaching foreign languages ​​and current problems of German studies."

Subjects taught at the department:

Foreign language (German language - for all bachelor's degree programs)

Applied foreign language (Master's degree for all fields of study)

The teaching staff of the department:

Bozorov Orif Chamanovich                     head of the chair, senior teacher

Rakhimova Yulduz Ganievna                  teacher

Ashurova Shaxnoza Shavkatovna           teacher

Aytmatova Gulchehra Bozorovna           teacher

Eshmurodov Ural Xo’janovich                teacher

Murodova Taxmina Baxtiyorovna           teacher

Polvonova Rano Mamatkulovna             teacher

Jamilova Nargiza Abdisalomovna           teacher

 Abdurahimova Gulasal Xomidovna        teacher

Ishanova Saule Ilyasovna                         teacher

Axmedova Dilnoza Abdumannonovna    teacher

Jurayeva Nargiza Toshtemirovna             teacher

Scientific researches is being carried out in the department:

Senior Teacher of the Department O. Bozorov is carrying out research work "Epistolary novel, the possibilities of artistic depiction of reality and the problem of the hero" (on the example of I. V. Goethe's "Sufferings of Young Werther" and I. Mirza's "Bonu") under the direction of Professor Ganiev I. M. at Termez State University.

Research methods of the department:

G. K. Xo'jaev / Sh. Ashurova - "Deutsch" textbook

Yu. Raximova / M. Shirova - “Deutsche topics”

Yu. Raximova / M. Shirova / M. Niyozova - “DEUTSCH KREATIV”

Address of the department: Building of Faculty of Roman - German philology