The chair of music education

7 November, 2022

Head of the chair: senior teacher, laureate of international competition

Primov Rashid Toshkulovich

Telefon: (+998 97507-45-45


The history of the chair

Department history

The Department of Music Education was founded in 1977. The merits of associate professor Sami Aziz oglu in the creation of the department are great.

For many years, the department was headed by associate professor Sami Aziz oglu.

In recent years, Professor M.V. Abdukarimov worked at the department. And in 2010-2015. Senior lecturer Primov R.A. and in 2015-2020. MMuradov.

They headed the departmentSince November 7, 2020, the department is headed by the senior lecturer Primov Rashid Tashkulovich. Currently, the department employs 6 professors, 2 senior teachers, 4 assistants. This is a department that graduates specialists in the field of music education-5111100.

For many years of scientific and methodological work, the professors and teachers of the department have prepared 1 scientific monograph, 4 study guides and 2 textbooks. Scientific articles of professors and teachers have been published in foreign and domestic scientific and popular science journals.

The department conducts research on such priority topics as "Improving the methodology for the formation of creative abilities of children through the artistic perception of music", "Formation of professional skills of future music teachers" and "Improving the methodology of artistic perception of music in children."

Foreign cooperation

The department has established international relations. Cooperation agreements were signed with the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture of the Russian Federation and Nizhnevartovsk State University.

Senior lecturer Rashid Primov took part in the international competition "Spring impromptu - 2020" and was awarded the 1st degree laureate diploma among teachers in the category "performance on folk instruments" with Nizhnevartovsk State University,

and teacher M. Muradov visited the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture in February 2018, where he took part in the international competition "Singing Belagorye" and was awarded a laureate diploma of the 1st degree among teachers in the category of folk singing. During this time, M. Muradov conducted a master class on the topic "Actual problems of music education in Uzbekistan" for professors and teachers of music education at the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture.

Within the framework of a cooperation agreement with Nizhnevartovsk State University, associate professors of the University S.G. Farkhutdinova and G.V. Agadelov visited Karshi State University in March 2019 and held lectures, seminars and master classes for students of music education.

Talented students of the department took part in the international competitions "Spring Impromptu - 2020" and "Singing Belagorye", which were held in 2017 and took pride of place.

Creative activity

The ensemble "Ziyo sadolari" (head - L. Pirnazarov) works at the department. Talented students are involved in the ensemble. The collective "Ziyo Sadolari" took the honorable 1st place in the final stage of the competition in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019, where they traditionally hold the annual festival "You are the only, holy Motherland!" In 2017, he took the honorable 3rd place at the republican stage of the competition. Senior lecturer of the department L. Pirnazarov made a great contribution to musical notation.

The department also provides services of national makom songs, pop songs, spiritual and educational events.

Scientific direction of the department:

"Scientific and methodological foundations of teaching music."


The department prepares bachelors in the direction of music education - 5111100.

Courses taught: Bachelor's degree

Music theory

History of music

Uzbek folk music


Choir and choral studies

Theory and methodology of musical and aesthetic education in preschool education.

Professional condition and creativity of a music teacher

School repertoire

Musical rhythmic movements

Vocals and contemporary music

Pianos and accessories

Instrumental performance and ensemble

Traditional singing

Music teaching methods

Notation and work in computer programs

Music learning technologies and design

Children's music literature

Organization of music clubs.

The composition of the department:

Primov Rashid Tashkulovich - head of the department, associate professor, laureate of international competitions

Pirnazarov Laziz Kakhramanovich - senior lecturer, laureate of international competitions.

Muradov Mukhitdin Kadyrovich - teacher, laureate of international competitions.

Kurbanova Moкhigul Shoniyozovna - teacher.

Shonazarov Zafar Umrzakovich - teacher

Azizov Yorkin Samievich – teacher

Department address: Kuchabag str., 17, Karshi.