Department of Marketing and Student Practice

30 March, 2023

Head of the Department:

Abduraximov Shakhzod son of Abduakhad

Phone: (+99891) 961-67-63


The structure of the department of marketing and student practice

Chief Specialist: Doliyev Tolmas Abdurashid Ugli

Marketer: Kholmurodova Gulnoza Normamatovna

Goals and objectives of the department

1. To form a database based on the study of the needs of enterprises, institutions and organizations for higher education personnel trained in higher education institutions.

2. To evaluate the structure, geographical location of consumers of educational services (employers, organizations of various forms of ownership - public and local authorities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc.), including the ratio of supply and demand for graduates of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, create a complete database by identifying and grouping, diagnosing potential opportunities.

3. To introduce topical issues related to improving the quality of training for discussion in the Councils of higher education institutions, in this regard, cooperate with the relevant departments of higher education institutions.

4. To monitor the personnel training of higher education institutions and the employment of graduates on the basis of state grants.

5. To analyze systematically and evaluate the employment process of graduates of higher education institutions.

6. To facilitate the development and improvement of market relations in the field of education, the formation of a real "order portfolio" for bachelors and masters, based on the demand for young professionals.

7. To direct the activities of the higher education institution to meet the real needs of the institutions, enterprises and organizations in the area where the higher education institution is located.

8. To analyze the changes in the market of services, which may lead to the emergence of competitive educational services in the bachelor's and master's specialties in the economy and social spheres of the Republic, and to prepare proposals for identifying new directions of development.

9. To study the needs of young specialists with higher education in the regions of the economy in cooperation with potential employers (consumers), taking into account the rapid change in the processes of marketing services in higher education and the interdependence of labor market development dynamics.

10. To develop proposals for the training of highly educated personnel in new areas of education and specialties, primarily in the field of high and innovative technologies, based on the needs of current and future development programs of industries and sectors of the economy and regions.

11. To interact and liaise with stakeholders in the training of specialists, including the views of the management of the enterprise, organization or institution on the quality and potential of the trained personnel.

12. To participate in the preparation, adoption and implementation of management decisions in the field of higher education and training areas and the market of educational services.  Develop practical proposals and take appropriate measures to ensure the training of competitive personnel.

13. To facilitate the use of young professionals based on the needs of consumers.

14. To discuss the requirements of customers for the quality of staff in the training process in the board of the higher education institution.

15. To ensuring cooperation between specialized departments and consumer (customer) enterprises in training.

16. To facilitate the organization of internships for graduates in enterprises and organizations where they can be employed later.

17. To provide the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education with information on graduates of higher education institutions for the current year in the areas of education (specialties), ministries, departments (enterprises and organizations) and regions.

18. To submit timely to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of documents on the study of the labor market, the formation of proposals for admission parameters on the basis of consumer orders for graduates, the creation of a database of higher education institutions on admission, student contingent, employment of graduates.

19. To distribute graduates, taking into account the recommendations and suggestions of consumers and departments of the young specialists.

20. To establish partnerships and signing agreements with enterprises, institutions and organizations on the organization of student internships.

21. To ensure the organization of student internships in enterprises, institutions and organizations in accordance with the direction of education and specialization.

22. To study the process of organizing student internships in enterprises, institutions and organizations, to analyze the results of the study and to develop problems and proposals and submit them to the management of the higher education institution.

23. To study the best foreign and national experience in the organization of student internships and prepare proposals for its implementation.

24. To prepare analytical data on the organization of student internships.

25. To develop practical proposals and implementation of appropriate measures for the organization of exports of educational services.