The chair of english language inter faculties

5 July, 2022

The head of the chair:

Parda Kurbonov Akhmedovich

Phone: (+998 91) 639-23-62


The history of chair

The chair was formed in 2009. The chair is named “Foreign languages inter faculties” since 15 May 2015.

Nowadays, head of the chair is senior teacher Parda Akhmedovich Kurbonov. P.Kurbonov has been and changed experience in several foreign countries such as Hungary (in1989), South Korea(in 2001), Great Britain(in 2008), Slovakia(in 2011-2012). There is a candidate of science, 2 senior teachers and 19 assistants.

The chair has mutual scientific relation with many universities in Uzbekistan and many foreign universities such as UZSWLU, SSIFL, BukhSU, Moscow Linguistics University, Belgrad State University, Constantine the philosophy university.

There is a “Collingo” circle in the chair, besides the chair has the scientific co-operation with Kitab household service college and the lyceum №2 under the KSU. During this period several scientific articles, monographs and manuals are published by members of the chair.

The teachers of the chair P.Kurbanov and N.Suyarovas’ scientific themes are declared in the bulletin of HAK.Besides, L.Baymuradova, U.Davurova and N.Kurbanovas’ scientific themes are on the eve of confirmation.

The branch of science in the chair:


Foreign language all the educational brunches


Practical English, English for all specialty

Teaching staff of the chair:

Kurbanov Parda Akhmedovich -senior teacher

Aliqulov Abduhakim G’aniyevich-candidate of philology, senior teacher

Tursunov Jakhongir Aminovich -assistant

Alimov Toshtemir Amirkulovich -assistant

Turopova Lola Suyunovna -senior teacher

Husanova Rqiya Hushvaqtovna -assistant

Xoliqova Dilafro’z Shuhratovna –assistant

Mamadaliyeva Susana Atamovna -assistant

Berdiyorova Rahima Karimovna - assistant

Shukurova Saboxat Odilovna -assistant

Choriyeva Madina Muzaffarovna -assistant

Elmurodova Sohiba Saidmurodovna –assistant

Baymuradova Laylo Kaxramonovna - assistant

Davurova Umida Juraqul qizi -assistant

Amirova Zohida Oripovna -assistant

Qurbonova Nargiza Abdusoatovna -assistant

Okboyeva Zulfiya Bobonazarovna –assistant

Suyarova Nargiza Yuldoshevna-assistant

Avlayeva Saida Bozorovna-assistant

Sharipova Shaxnoza Yunus qizi –assistant

Latipova Umida Usmanovna -assistant

Normo’minov O’tkir Ishmuradovich-assistant