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The chair of methodology of teaching computer science

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The Head of the chair: candidate of pedagogical science

Karimov Khayum Mamashayevich

Phone number: (+99897) 720-44-14

E.mail address: kayum_km@umail.uz, qayum_km@mail.ru



About the chair

With the order of Karshi state university`s chair declared in 2018 1-november №508 in the faculty of physics-mathematics “Applied mathematics and informatics” chair of “Methodology of teaching computer science” was organized.The candidate of pedagogical science, docent Karimov K.M. has been a head of the chair since 2018.

In the chair 5110700-“Methodology of teaching computer science” bachelor personnel’s are trained. For the time being the department employs 15 professional teachers and one laboratory assistant.1 candidate of science assistant-professor, 2  Ph.D., 6 senior teachers and 8 assistant-teachers are also included in it.

Department teaches 5110700-“Methodology of teaching computer science” and subjects on the specialty, and “Information technology in education” disciplines for all areas of the university bachelors degree as well.

Professors-teachers of the chair:

1. Karimov Kayum Mamashaevich                       Ph.D., associate professor

2. Begmatova Nodira Khakimovna                       Ph.D., senior teacher

3. Kayumova Nasiba Ashurovna                          Ph.D., senior teacher

4. Norov Abdisait Murodovich                              senior teacher

5. Yuldoshev Ismoil Abrievich                              senior teacher

6. Safarov Laziz Saimovich                                  senior teacher

7. Kurbanov Zafar Mamanazarovich                    senior teacher

8. Daminova Barno Esonovna                              teacher

9. Djuraev Tuychi Norbutaevich                            teacher

10. Chodiev Fayzulla Yusupovich                         teacher

11. Razzokov Ilkhom Davronovich                        teacher

12. Musurmonova Mamura Oman kizi                  teacher

13. Egamberdiev Elyor Khaitmamatovich             teacher

14. Togaev Ilkhom Bakhtiyorovich                         teacher

15. Saidova Dilfuza Ergashevna                           teacher

Scientific works of the department:

  • Actual problems of teaching computer science;

The department has established scientific relations with, the Research Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology, the Research Institute of Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, NUUz, TUIT, TSTU. Sam SU , Bukh SU, as well as TSPU and Nizami. 

At the department “Algorithms” and “Chess clubs” are functioning on the basis of plans, and more than 30 gifted students regularly take part in it, and practical trainings are organized for the students on scientific research topics. 

The department plans to establish an exchange of experience, scientific and technical information and innovative ideas between faculty and students, as well as holding seminars and presentations jointly with specialized departments of leading foreign universities. 

Each academic year, students of applied mathematics and computer science pass the pedagogical qualification practice in colleges and academic lyceums.

Scientific and methodical work with gifted students is carried out at the department with the assignment of a professor-teacher.

A number of talented students take part in international and republican scientific and practical conferences. 

The winners of the 3rd place in the Republican Olympiads on the subject "Information Technology in Education" were prepared at the department. 

During the 2017-2018 academic year 1 monograph was published by the professor-lecturers of the department. 

In the academic year 2017-2018, the professor-teachers received 3 official registration certificates for the program for electronic computers.

Nowadays there is being operated the scientific seminar under the name of "Methodology of teaching informatics and mathematics" at the department. It is expected to be negotiated scientific lectures, articles and dissertations.

Currently, the teachers of the department are working on a doctoral thesis.

The address of the chair : Karshi city, Kuchabog street, 17. 


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