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Head of chair: Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

Yoziev Lutfullo Khabibullaevich

Phone: (99898) 475-42-12


History of the chair

The chair of Botany and Ecology was founded on the basis of the chair of Biology in December, 2018.

The chair conducts research in the areas of "Comprehensive study of the flora and fauna of southern Uzbekistan" and "Introduction of rare plant species".

Currently, the chair of Botany and Ecology employs 2 doctors of science, professors, 2 Philosophy doctors, associate professors, 4 Philosophy doctors, senior lecturers and 5 lecturers. All lecturers have a master's degree and conduct fruitful scientific research in their fields.

Professor L. Yoziev is a leading specialist in the introduction of trees and shrubs to southern Uzbekistan. Over 200 of his scientific and methodical works have been published in this field. In particular, the monographs “Results of the introduction of woody plants to southern Uzbekistan”, “Introduction of bog cypress and metasequoia to Uzbekistan”, “Introduction of some tree representatives of Fabaceae Lindl in the conditions of the Karshi oasis” were published. Nowadays, under the leadership of Professor L. Yoziev, the research and practical project ITD-9-18 on the topic “Introduction of highly ornamental trees, shrubs and rare flowers to Karshi conditions, the development of methods for their reproduction and agrotechnical care” continues. The monographs “Annual legumes of the south of Uzbekistan”, “Wild leguminous plants – source of food resources”, “Economic use of leguminous natural flora”, classbooks “Botany”, “General ecology” (co-authored with A. Urakov) and “Concept of modern sciences on Nature ”, textbooks “Systematics of Plants” (co-authored with Sh. Samatova), “Botany” and “Cytology” of the department professor S. Mustafayev are published.

The classbook “The Man and His Health” by the Associate Professor of the chair T. Tilov is published in 7 languages.

The monograph of the assistant professor of the department B. Boysunov “The results of the acclimatization of Melia to Southern Uzbekistan” and the educational guide “Mathematical methods in biology” were published.

A monograph “Cannes in the Karshi oasis” was published by Ph.D. Sh. Samatova.

Rooms 308 and 309 at the department are equipped with 32 types of modern foreign equipment for conducting laboratory classes. In turn, this provides substantial assistance in the development of science by students during practical exercises.. 

Teaching staff of the department:

Yoziev Lutfullo Khabibullaevich

doctor of biological sciences, professor

Mustafayev Samadullo Murtozaevich

doctor of biological sciences, professor

Tilov Turopov

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Boysunov Bobir Hidirovich

Ph.D., and. assistant professor

Rakhimov Tulkin Uktamovich

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Samatova Shohista Azamatovna

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Bozorova Nigora Shamsievna

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Buranova Muhayyo Oralovna

PhD, Senior Lecturer

Kudratov Gulom Donaevich


Nasriddinova Mehriniso Rahmatullaevna


Raupov Bekmurod Nabievich


Kholikova Surayyo Narzullaevna


Meylieva Hilola Shukhratovna


Subjects in the department:

Address: Main Building, 3-floor, room A312