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Head of the department: Fayzullaev Maksud Abdullaevich

Phone(+99890) 921-66-57

E-mail:  m.fayz@mail.ru



Fayzullayev Maqsud Abdullayevich was born in Kashkadarya region, Kasbi district, on may 23,1 in 1976.

Higher- educated. In 1993-1998 he graduated from the National University of Uzbekistan.

Speciality is a Geography Teacher. Fayzullayev M. began his career in 1999-2000 as a Geographical Teacher of secondary school 5 in Nishan district and in 2005-2010  as a teacher  of the department of Geography in Karshi State University, senior lecturer of Geography depatmenf in 2010-2013, Senior Research assistant of Mirzo Ulug`bek Natrional University in 2014-2016, senior lecturer of the Department of Cardio Geography in 2017-2018.

Since november 8, 2018  He is the head of the educational department. On december 30, 2014, a unified educational and methodical department was created with the department of teaching and methodology, the department of internship and advanced training. The “Guidelines for the Functions and Responsibilities of Educational and Methodological Officers” have been developed and nowadays there are 10 staff  members of 9 State Agencies. 

On the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 181 from August 20, 2010 "On approval of the classification  for the main positions of employees and working staff", the recommendations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 02-05/3656 dated  December 31, 2011, as well as the order of the Ministry of Labour and Social  Protection of the People of   RUz № 530 dated December 31, 2011 "On approval of sectoral tariff and qualification information", as well as the existing regulatory and legal documents on December 30, 2014, the educational part of Karshi State University was transformed into “ A teaching and methodical management department”, which includes the teaching and methodical department, the department of practice and the department of advanced training. 

At present, 10 employees work in the teaching and methodological department at 9 staff units. They carry out their activities according to the "Instruction on the official duties of the employees of the educational and methodical management".

The Educational and Methodological Department monitors the implementation on the ground of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees, orders and directions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan concerning the sphere of education; decisions, orders, instructions, modemgrams and  messages of the MLSPP of  RUz, as well as orders of the rector. At the same time, it monitors the quality of training and the effectiveness of the educational process, its compliance with state educational standards, model curricula and other normative documents. 

The educational and methodological department approves the schedules of the training sessions, compiled in the dean's offices of the faculty, checks their compliance with the curriculum and controls their implementation. The staff of the educational and methodological department oversees issues related to the transfer of students from the course to the course, with the exception of the appointment of scholarships. 

In addition, in order to improve the educational process, the teaching and methodical department has developed: individual teacher's plan, register of results of rating control,  "Instructions for the implementation of the Regulations on the rating system of assessing students' knowledge, "Instructions for the organization and control of student self-study", "Instructions for writing and registration of coursework", other internal regulations and instructions.

Composition of the teaching and methodical management department:  

Name and surname



Fayzullaev Maksud Abdullaevich

Head of the Department


Rizayev Bakhtiyor Khollievich

Deputy Head of Department


Taniev Davron Khurramovich



Kultaeva Nasiba Djuraevna



Yorkulov Ruslan Muhammadievich



Saidov Farrukh Soibovich



Suyarov Nurbek Rustamovich



Ernazarov Zohid



Shodiev Olim Khidirkulovich



Toshmurodova Hilola



Zubaydova Laziza



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