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The Academic Lyceum of Karshi State University

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The management of the academic lyceum 

The director of the lyceum:

I. B . Xushmurodova

The scientific degree: the candidate of the Pedagogical science

Phone: +99898 117- 44-31

E-mail: QDU-2akadem@inbox.uz



The assistant of Spirituality and enlightenment Affairs:

Pardayev Asror Abdijabbarovich .

Phone: (+99893) 931-70-12

E-mail: asror8025.pardayev@umail.uz




Assistant scientific Affairs :

Eshnayev Iskandar Azizovich .

Phone: (+99893) 695-34-98

E-mail: iskandar79.eshnayev@umail.uz 




The  second  Academic  Lyceum is one  of  the  most  influential educational establishment. The    second  Academic Lyceum  attached   to Karshi State University was reorganized  in  2004 , according  to  the   order of   № 194 in 2004, September 27, by  the Ministry of the highly  and  secondary education  ,the center of special , vocational education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The status of academic lyceum  of KarshiStateUniversity was given according  to  the   3290- PO   decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2016, September 26. 

The  students are taught according to 4 specialized department s in the academic lyceum. These departments are: 

-Exact sciences (economics, technics)

-Natural  sciences (chemistry, biology) 

-Humanities (history) 

-Foreign languages ( english) 

There are four sections in the academic lyceum: 

-Exact sciences 

-Natural  sciences 


-Foreign languages 

The teachers of the academic lyceum are using the center of the informational resources and working with this center. 

The academic lyceum is equipped with six lingafon rooms, 3 computer rooms,        2 labs of physics , 2 labs of chemic, a lab of biology. 

There  are  60  computers  in  the  lyceum and  they  are  connected  with web-sites

The  teacher  of  the   physical  training Suyunov Odil took  the  bronze  medal  from Uzbek  wrestling in 2016 

To’rayev  Serob ,  Mallayev Adham , Qalqonov Ro’zibek , Murodova  Gulshan , took  part  in  the  scholarship of  the  Karshi  State  University and  they  were   awarded which  took  place  in  Karshi  State University in  2016 -2017. 

In 2017, the student of academic lyceum Hakimov Anvar took the 1 st place at the republican stage of Kamolot Chess Boards. 

At the regional stage of the "High Spiritual Generation" contest in 2016, Ungboyeva Umida, Hojayorov Asliddin and Kuldoshev Sherzod  won the first place. Safarova Gulzoda, a pupil of the academic lyceum, is the recipient of the Republican Contest of Creative Works held under the slogan "Marrani doim baland qo'yib yashang, davr bizniki, marra bizniki " dedicated to the memory of the first President and  Hero of Uzbekistan Islam Abduganievich Karimov in 2016. He was awarded a honorary badge for participating in a good essay. 

Toshev Javohir, a pupil of the academic lyceum in 2017, has been admitted to the ChineseUniversity of Nanjing. 

The student of the academic lyceum, Mustarov Abbos, in 2018, received a grant from the ChineseUniversity of Sichuan in the direction of International Business Management on the basis of a grant "Bir makon bir yo'l".

Students who graduated from the academic lyceum of KarshiStateUniversity and successfully graduated from the prestigious universities are working in the higher state institutions and agencies of the Republic to contribute to the development of the country. 

Mamatkulov Bekzod Sherozovich, who worked as a history teacher at the Academic lyceum, is currently serving as the secretary of the press service of the Kashkadarya regional khokimiyat. 

Among our pupils, Khudoyqulov Samar is a member of the Economic Court of the Republic, the owner of the "Shuhrat" medal Bakhodir Yusupov is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Kashkadarya Regional Broadcasting Company. 

In 2017 academic lyceum staff, the director of Academic lyceum Ismigul Hushmurodova and historian Rakhimov Bahtiyor were awarded the "25th anniversary of the Constitution" badge on the occasion of the 25 th anniversary of adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

As weii as the assistant of Spirituality and educationally Affairs of the academic iyceum Asror Pardayev was awarded the title of Honorary Academician of the Turon Academy of Sciences. 

In 2017-2019 years our student Halimov Ravshan took part in Asian championship of karate which was held in Kirgizstan and was absolute champion. 

In 2018 on 6 of March academic lyceum was visited by teacher-professors with the head of KarshiStateUniversity. During the visit, they get acquainted with the educational process. 

On December 25, 2017 in cooperation with KarshiStateUniversity, the Republican Scientific-Practical Seminar on Implementation of the PD-3290 Resolution of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 26 September, 2017 "On Further Improvement of the System of Targeted Preparation of Candidates for Higher Education Institutions" was held. 

In the academic year 2018-2019, a military group was formed at the academic lyceum. 2018-2019 academic year 338 students have been enrolled in the qualification exam on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan N: PD-3290 dated 26 September 2017. 

According to authority KarshiStateUniversity takes the fifth place in the country . Academic entrance to the lyceum is 60%. 

The   main purpose   of educational  process in  the  academic lyceum is preparation  of harmonious generation  with  a help  of  the  national   program  on  training  specialists ,and  the  laws  about  education   based  on public  education standards. 


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