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The department of inner control and monitoring

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Gulomov Otabek Khudoyberdiyevich

Head of the inner control and monitoring department

Phone: (998 75) 221-21-04

Phone: (998 97) 317-06-50 

E-mail: otabek10@mail.ru



General specialist of the department

Khushmurodov Farrukh Mirzomurodovich 

Phone: (998 91) 459-14-15 

E-mail: farrux.xushmurodov86@mail.ru 


The main task of inner control and monitoring department

1.Orders, decrees, instructions of the republic president, concerned with high education decrees and instructions of the supreme decrees and instructions of high organizations, council orders of the ministry, orders, instruction letters, modem gram and telephone grams in this way decrees of university council and controlling results of orders and decrees and monitoringat university.

2. The quality of preparing cadre, its necessity for them and developing labor market and planned all actions at university, so monitoring the base of material techniques.

3. Forming the quality teaching period based on signed timetable and controlling attendance and monitoring.

4. Teaching staff of university professor - assistants and retraining them and quality of retraining monitoring inner control. 

5. Controlling students knowledge just impartial assessment based on rating system, if it is necessary after final control to have extra tests.


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