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Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment and Talented Students

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Head of the Department:

Jurayev Asrorjon Khasanovich

Phone: 8 (375) 221 21 05;  

Fax: 8 (375) 225 57 01

E-mail:  asrorjon68@umail.uz



Structure of the department of work with spiritual and enlightenment and talented students of Karshi State University

Methodist of spirituality and enlightenment department:

Nurillaeva Shahzoda, Aminov Nurbek

Methodist of the department of talented students:

Omonov Oybek

Departments of deans of the faculty on work with youth

(spiritual and educational work)

1. Faculty of History and Social Sciences: Ravshanov Hasan

2. Uzbek philology faculty:Kendjaev Tulkin

3. Faculty of Foreign Languages:Baratov Eldor, Amirkulova Nargiza

4. Pedagogical faculty:Fayzullaev Holmumin, Yuldashev Nazar

5.Faculty of Natural Sciences:Norchaev Utkir

6. Physics and Mathematics Faculty:Eshkorayeva Norkhol, Ochilov Alisher

7. Faculty of physical culture:Davronov Ernazar 

Functions of the head of the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment and Talented Students

General management of all activities and staff of the department;

Creating and implementing the department's work plans;

Coordinate the activities of the relevant units in the educational institution, depending on the purpose of the department;

Decrees, Orders, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders, letters of instructions, modemograms and telephones, as well as the provision of the rector's orders to faculties, chairs, departments driving;

Delivery to the students of the decrees and resolutions adopted by the President and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Establish and implement mutually beneficial cooperation agreements with educational institutions and enterprises, organizations, private enterprises and firms in the direction of work with spiritual, educational and talented students.

Knowing the Laws of the Department; the Decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Decisions of the Ministry, Decisions of the Ministry, the Order of the University Rector. Qualification requirements; Knowledge and skills relevant to the professional and organizational skills necessary for management positions in higher education institutions, guidance work experience in the field of education, the type and competence of the activity;

Specific qualities include intellectual, cultural, leadership, creative abilities, sophistication, organizational, entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial abilities, sense of responsibility, independent decision-making, decisive action, achieving strategic institutional goals;

Higher education;

At the system of this field must have at least 3 years of effective work experience.


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