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The head of chair: c.s.h.

 A. Khasanov

Phone: +99890 616-42-33

E-mail: axasanov75@umail.uz


About the chair

The department “History” is organized in 2014 by the merger of the department “History of Uzbekistan” and “World History and archeology” in 1957, the Department of “General history”, in 1996 “World history”, on September 29, 2014, the deparment of World history and “Archeology and Ethnology” in various years the head of the department was professor G.To’xtametov, prof.O.Eshquvvatov, prof.A.Mavlonov, doc.X.Egamberdiev, doc.S.Turdiyev, doc.Yu.Manzarov, doc.T.Rashidova and O.Bo`riyev. 

The department “History of Uzbekistan” was ounded in 1993 and in 1993-1997 prof. O.Jo`raqulov, in 1997-2006 doc.N.Ismoilov, and in 2006-2013 prof.A.Choriyev.  Scientific-methodical activity of the department recent years 3 textbooks, more than 10 textbooks, monographs, 20 methodical manuals by professors of the department, more than 1000 scientific, methodical and popular articles were published in international, national and local publications. 

There are 3 doctors of sciences, professosrs, 1 candidate of sciences, docents, 12 candidates of sciences, 10 assistant teachers at the department. 

At the department subjects: 


5120300- History (countries and regions)

History of Uzbekistan

Chronology and metrology

Innovations in History: Technologies, models and methods

Historical anthropology



World History

Science and technology

Historical geography

Historical localization and urbanization process.

History of culture and art of Uzbekistan

Scientific heritage of eastern scholars

History philosophy and methodology

History teaching methods and  teaching techniques

History of international relations and diplomacy

History of uzbek statehood

The scientific heritage of Central Asian scientists and the history of Sufism

The history of ancient and medieval urbanization o Central Asia

The history of the world civilization



Ethno genesis and ethnic history of the uzbek people

The most recent  history of the country

History of Kashkadarya


5A120302- History (countries and regions)

The theoretical problems of the history of ancient Asia and source studies

The main trends in the development of medieval Europe of historical historiography and sources

The main trends in the development of historical historiography and source studies of the newest and most recent period

The history of health care in Uzbekistan

The collapse of the political system in the political crisis of the XX centuries

Cooperation of European and Asian countries with Uzbekistan in globalization in the sphere of globalization

Research activity of the department. 

Professor of the department, conducts research on the topic of “History, archeology and ethnology in South Uzbekistan”. 

Professor A.Choriyev 10, docent O.Bo`riyev 8, N.O`roqova 3, F.Rahmonov 1, G.Ravshanova 1 monographs and brochures.

As well as in the direction of scientific research, the department is conducting a scientific seminar. The seminar is guided by the history of the sciences, dr.B.Eshov. at the department are gifted students and teacher Ra’no To’xtayeva. The circle is aimed at attracting students to scientific research, with more than 80 articles and theses published by the students in scientific collections. The department  cooperates with the College of professional service and college of Target Agriculture, Karshi bibliotheca and Karshi state Unitary Enterprise. 

Members of the chair: 

  1. Hasanov Akrom Mo’minovich – Candidate of his., head of thr chair, Senior teacher
  2. Eshov Bahodir Jo‘rayevich – Doctor of his. Prof.
  3. Choriyev Ahmadjon Huvayevich -  Doctor of his. Prof.
  4. Mavlonov O‘ktam Maxmasobirovich - Doctor of his. Prof.
  5. Sulaymonov Rustam Hamidovich - Doctor of his. Prof.akademic.
  6. Bo‘riyev Ochil XXX – associate Prof. Professor.
  7. O‘roqova Nigora Salomovna – associate Prof. Senior teacher
  8. Mo‘minova Gavhar Esanovna - Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  9. Rahmonov Faxriddin Shaymardonovich -  Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  10. Rajabova Nilufar Nasriddinovna – Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  11. To‘rayeva Matluba Xoliqulovna – Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  12. Sohibova Mahliyo To’rayevna – Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  13. Nizomov Xayriddin XXX -  Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  14. Quvvatova Nodira Kadirovna -  Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  15. Xoliqov Qahramon XXX -  Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  16. Qodirova Mamlakat Muminovna – Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  17. Xudoyqulov To‘lqin Do’stboboyevich – Candidate of his., Senior teacher
  18. Usmonov Murtoz Shodiyevich - Senior teacher
  19. Sharipov Fayzulla Narziyevich - Senior teacher
  20. Do‘stov Abduvali G’aniyevich -  Senior teacher
  21. Karomov G‘ulom Xamidovich -  Senior teacher
  22. Ravshanova Gulora Poyonovna -  Senior teacher
  23. Egamberdiyev Faxriddin Panjiyevich – Teacher
  24. Berdiyev Jamshid Panjiyevich – Teacher
  25. Samadova Feruza Ne’matovna - Teacher
  26. Achilov Anvar Tuychiyevich -  Teacher
  27. Ko‘charov Jamshid Qulnazarovich -  Teacher
  28. Botirov Sarvar Ilhomovich – Teacher
  29. To‘xtayeva Ra’no Norto’xtayevna - Teacher
  30. Normatov Sherzod Mirzayevich – Teacher
  31. To’xtamishova Fotima Musirmanovna - Teacher
  32. Suyarov Nurbek Rustamovich -  Teacher
  33. To‘rayev Shuhrat Raxmonovich - Teacher
  34. Qo‘ldoshev Husan Shaharovich – Teacher
  35. Ernazarov Azim Xudoyqulovich -  Teacher


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