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History of the faculty

At Karshi teachers training institute was formed the History philology branch in 1945- 1946 academic year. In 1950 the following branch changed as the faculty of History philology. Since 1963has been preparing specialists on History. In 1977 September History faculty was separated from History philology faculty.

Since 2008 June at the History faculty has been preparing specialists on National idea, spiritual bases and low education.

Since 2012 at the faculty have been studying students on specialists”Labor Economics and Sociology”

Since 2014 by specialist of “Turizm” students were accepted. In 2014 the 30th of June by the decree of the Ministry of High and secondary special education had to change the Karshi State university structure name of the History faculty changed to History and Social science.

The faculty collective conducts the activity according to «the Law on formation Republic of Uzbekistan», «the National program of professional training», and to the decree of the President of Republic «Strengthening of material base of higher educational institutions and action for radical improvement of quality for preparation of highly skilled experts». Faculty activity is intended for preparation of necessary highly skilled experts for high schools, the professional colleges and secondary schools, educational institutions and social spheres.

Faculty administration:

The dean of the History and Social Science.The doctor of historical sciences, professor

Eshov Bokhodir Juraevich

Reception timeevery day 15.00-17.00 (Except Monday)

Phone: (+99893) 937 77 39 

E-mail: Eshov@umail.uz 


The assistant to the dean on educational affairs head teacher

Qosimov Jahongir Ruziboyevich


Reception time: every day 15.00-17.00 (Except Monday)

 Phone: (+99890) 427-67-63

 E-mail: johongirqosim@umail.uz



The assistant to the dean on educational affairs teacher

Achilov Anvar Tuychievich

Reception time: every day 15.00-17.00 (Except Monday) 

Phone: (+998 91) 211-64-96

E-mail: mirziyobek1@umail.uz



The assistant to the dean on spiritually-educational and moral

Ravshanov Hasan Baratovich

Reception time:  every day : 14.00-17.00 (Except Monday andSaturday)

Phone: (+998 93) 698-00-61

E-mail: ravshanov2013@mail.ru



The assistant to the dean on scientific affairs the candidate of historical sciences

Rahmonov Fahriddin Shoymardonovich

Reception timeevery day 15.00-17.00 (Except Monday)

Phone: (+998 91) 563-73-20

E-mail: fahriddin@umail.uz


Chairs of the faculty:


National idea, spiritual bases and low:

Economic service:

Social science:

Faculty prepares bachelors to the following educational trends: 

  • 5120300-History (according to countries and continents)
  • 5111600- National idea, spiritual bases and low
  • 5231600- Labor Economics and Sociology”
  • 5610300- Turizm

Faculty prepares masters to the following educational trends:

  • History (trends and according to countries)
  • National idea, spiritual bases and low education


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