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Head of the chair: Candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent

Oripova Nodima Xalilovna 

Phone: (+99890) 288-60-73

E-mail address: oripova73@mail.ru

History of the chair

Department of "Preschool Education" was founded in 1991 in Karshi State Pedagogical Institute under the name of "Pre-school education". In 1993 the name of the department was called "Pre-school Pedagogy and Methodology". In 2010, the department was renamed to the Department of "Social pedagogy - psychology and preschool education".

The chair was headed by docent T.Rasulov, prof. A.Choriyev, docent X.Karimov, and doctor of pedagogical sciences R.Shodiyev. Since April 1, 2014, the faculty was optimized for the chairs, and this department was added to the department of "Primary education" and began to be called "Pre-school and elementary education methodology".

In October 2018, the Department of "Pre-school education" was separated from the department of "Pre-school and elementary education method" due to the change in the structure of Karshi State University. Nowadays the department is headed by the candidate of pedagogical sciences (defended the dissertation on December 18, 2008).

Associate professor T. Yakhshiyeva, candidate of philological sciences O. Qosimhodjaeva, professor T. Gafforova, doctor of pedagogical sciences R.Shodiyev, docent Sh.Nurillayeva, docent Oripova, docent M. Fayzieva, candidate of pedagogical sciences d. Kenjayeva, candidate of pedagogical sciences G. Eshmuradova, as well as professors-lecturers. Professor A. Choriyev is one of the scientists who have made a great contribution to the development of the department. Professor A. Choriyev has written and published more than a hundred scientific papers, brochures and textbooks, while contributing to the education of young people as a skilled, highly educated person. He has been working as a scientific adviser for doctoral dissertation. He is the author of the "Methodology of Pedagogical Research", prepared and published for undergraduate students. Professor A. Choriyev also published scientific papers such as "Methodology of Interdisciplinary Interpretation of Pedagogy" and "Methodology of Pedagogy".

During the years of the head of the department professor Choriev D. Kenjaeva, G.Eshmuradova defended their candidate dissertation and received a degree candidate of pedagogical sciences.

In 1993-1996 the department was headed by associate professor T.Rasulov. During the years of the supervisor T. Rasulov the material and technical base of the chair, educational and methodical support has been created. Together with the organization and management of the department, he has made a worthy contribution to the education of our country. During these years, teachers of the department have prepared many booklets, educational and methodical manuals, and published many articles in the media, periodicals. He has also actively participated in various international scientific conferences.

From 2014 to 2018 the department was headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences R. Shodiyev. During his presidency, the work of the department was growing. Teachers of the department were effective in academic, scientific, methodological and organizational work during his presidency. During the years of its existence, the department has 5A111701 - the theory and methodology of education (preschool education) and 13.00.01 - history and theory of pedagogy. Basic doctorate (PhD) and doctorate (DSc) on the theory and methodology of education and 13.00.05 - Vocational education.

Since Shodiyev Rizamat Davranovich has been the head of the department since the beginning of the department, scientific research has been rising. During this time, there were 1 doctors of sciences, 1 professor, 5 candidates of sciences, 3 Ph.D. associate professors in pedagogical sciences. The scientific potential is 42%.

Nowadays department "Pre-school education" is the department of specialization 5111800-Preschool education and 5А111801 - "Theory and methodology of education and upbringing" (Preschool education). 

Subjects taught at the department

Bachelor degree: 

5111800 - The following subjects are taught in preschool education:

Pre-school education norms

Correlation pedagogy

Teaching children to be creative and creative

Pedagogical Conflictology

General pedagogy

Preschool Pedagogy

Theory and method of speech development

The theory and methodology of mathematical representations formation

Theory and method of physical education

Methods of educational work

Theory and Methods of Introducing Nature

Theory and methodology of visual activity

Pedagogical skills

Preschool education and organizational culture of the leader

Pedagogical diagnostics in preschool education

Pedagogical research methods

Technology and design of preschool education

At the department prepares masters on the speciality 5A111801 - Theory and methodology of education and teaching (Preschool education). The following specialities are taught in this master’s degree: 

Pre-school education methodology

Methods of teaching of special subjects

Scientific bases of preschool management

Innovative activity in preschool education

Pre-school pedagogical acmeology

Educational system of countries around the world

Pedagogical Conflictology

Theory of educational work and its teaching methodology

Pedagogical acmeology

Scientific-methodical work of the department:

Doctor of pedagogical sciences R. Shodiyev, docent T.Gaffarova, U. Yozieva, S. N. Oripova has published monographs and brochures.

Members of the department T. Ashurova, M. Muhammadievs are working on their candidate dissertations.

Members of the department

prof. Gafforova Talat

docent Oripova Nodima

Candidate of pedagogical sciences Kenjaeva Dildora

Candidate of pedagogical sciences Rahmonova Makhfuza

Candidate of pedagogical sciences Hamroyev Shuhrat

Candidate of pedagogical sciences Yoziyeva Umida

Muhammadiyeva Manzura

Ashurova Tolganoy

Alimardonova Mohichehra

Ashirova Sojida

Nazirov Usmon

Temirov Shuhrat Kahramonovich

Yoldosheva Yulduz

Mominova Nilufar

Niyozova Dilbar 

Research work in the department:

The main scientific theme of the department is "Improvement of qualified personnel and educational-methodological support of preschool education". 

Address of the department: block №6, second floor.


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