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The chair of physics

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The head of the chair: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, assistant professor

Kuyliyev Bahrom Tuhliyevich

Telefon: +99894 286-83-43

E-mail: bahromq@rambler.ru


The history of the chair 

The Chair of Physics was formed in 2014 as a result of the merger of the chair of “Physics” and “Optics and Astronomy”. The chair has 3 professors, 5 associate professors, candidates of sciences, 1 senior teacher with a scientific degree, 1 senior teacher and 11 assistants. The scientific potential is 43%.

The Chair of Physics produce specialists in the specialty 5140200 - physics, the chair has a Master's program M5A140202 - Physics (in the fields of optics, magneto-optics and molecular optics).

The chair has created modern educational technologies in all disciplines of education, there are two lecture halls equipped with modern multimedia information and communication technologies. The chair operates a scientific seminar. To increase the scientific potential of the chair, young teachers work on research projects under the guidance of experienced mentors. 5 teachers are working now on their doctoral theses.

The chair maintains scientific relations with the Astronomy Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the Chair of Optics of Samarkand State University and National University of Uzbekistan, the Institutes of Nuclear Physics, ion-plasma technology, physics and polymer chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. In addition, there are agreements on cooperation with universities of the CIS countries. The results of such cooperation are the publication of joint articles, the invitation of scientists from these universities to give lectures and lead scientific works. One of the last visits was professor I.Yu. Doroshenko from Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko and she gave lectures and consultations to the professor and students of the chair on October 29-31, 2018.

On the basis of the contract, work is carried out with the “Muborak” gas processing enterprise.

The chair operates a student circle "Young Physicist", covering more than 20 students. There are 7 educational laboratories in the chair. In addition, there is an opportunity to conduct research on molecular spectroscopy and solar technology. To this end, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education has re-equipped the laboratories with new equipment produced in Germany, according to the order PQ-1533 of May 20, 2011.

Research and teaching work of the chair also deserve special attention. Every five years, the chair organizes a republican scientific-practical conference on topical issues of physics and astronomy. The nearest conference is scheduled for 2020. Over the past three years, teachers of the chair have created and published 1 textbook, 1 electronic textbook, 4 manuals, 5 monographs.        

More than 100 scientific articles published in prestigious scientific journals. Members of the chair are active participants in international, republican, regional and university scientific conferences, for example, Associate Professor B.T. Kuyliev regularly participates in the International Conference in Crimea.

XXI International Conference "Spectroscopy of Crystals and Molecules", Assoc. B.T. Kuyliev (in the middle), prof. A.Kol (right, Poland), Prof. S.F.Bureiko (left, Russia, St. Petersburg University).


Conference Episodes.

In 2015-2017 professors and teachers of the chair completed 2 practical projects and for 2018-2020. Scheduled one project.

The members of the specialized council for the defense of doctoral dissertations are B.Ye. Khayriddinov, A.Қ.Tashatov and B.T.Kuyliev.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Constitution, B.Ye. Khayriddinov, A.K.Tashatov and B.T. Kuyliev were awarded the breastplate of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Educational and educational events are held at the chair according to the plan of spiritual and educational work.


Episodes of events on spiritual enlightenment.

The chair has developed an action plan for the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PQ No. 2909 dated April 20, 2017, which includes the following activities.

  • increase scientific potential
  • improvement of the material base, widespread introduction into the educational process of international educational standards on the basis of advanced educational technologies
  • strengthening the integration of research conducted at the chair with the problems of industrial enterprises to increase the scientific potential of the chair
  • solving industry problems and increasing research effectiveness
  • Systematic involvement of gifted students in research activities.

The teachers of chair having academic degrees

  1. V.E. Khayriddinov - Doctor of technical sciences, professor
  2. M.T. Normuradov – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor
  3. A.K. Tashatov – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor
  4. B.T. Kuyliev –Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor
  5. N. Holmirzayev - Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor
  6. K.M. Khudoykulov–Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor
  7. G.S. Uzakova - Candidate of Physical Sciences, associate professor
  8. M. Rakhmatov – Candidate of Physical Sciences, associate professor
  9. A.S. Mallaev – Senior teacher of physics


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