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The chair of Mathematical analysis and differential equations

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Head of the department: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Associate Prof.

Alikulov Eshpulat Omonovich

Phone: (+99891) 472 21 38

Email: qardu_aliqulov@edu.uz


History of chair 

The chair of “Mathematical Analysis” was founded in 1982 and head of the chair was Candidate of phys.-math. E. Eshdavlatov. From 1988 to 1992 head of the chair was associate prof. N. Dilmurodov. Associate prof. J. Toshev worked in this position in 1992. In that year the chair was divided into three parts consisting “Mathematical Analysis”, “Algebra and Geometry” and “Differential Equations” chairs. Head of chair of “Mathematical Analysis” was associate prof. J. Toshev, head of “Algebra and Geometry” was associate prof.  S. Uzoqov and associate prof. J. Oromov was head of the chair of “Differential Equations”.

In 1995, chairs “Mathematical Analysis” and “Differential Equations” was joined and was formed chair called “Mathematical Analysis”. The head of the chair was associate prof. J. Toshev till 1998. Between 1998 and 2001 head of chair of “Mathematical Analysis” was associate prof. J. Oromov.  Associate prof. E. Eshdavlatov was appointed to this post in 2001. In 2005, two chairs “Mathematical Analysis” and “Algebra and Geometry” was joined and formed new chair called “Mathematical Analysis and Algebra” and associate prof. N. Sharipov began to work in post of head of this chair. Candidate of phys.-math. M. Abulov worked as acting head of the chair from 2008 to June 2010. Candidate of phys.-math. A. Imomov worked in this post from 2010 to 2014.

In 2018, “Mathematical Analysis and Algebra” and “General Mathematics” was joined and was formed new “Mathematics” chair and Candidate of phys.-math. E. Alikulov was appointed to the post of head of the chair and has been working in this post until now.

Nowadays, 14 professor and teachers are working in this chair and 2 of them are Doctor of phys.-math. and 6 of them are Candidate of phys.-math.


Professors and teachers of chair:  

  1. Candidate of phys.-math. associate Prof Alikulov Eshpulat Omonovich
  2. Doctor of phys.-math. Prof. Shoimkulov Bakhodir Allaberdievich
  3. Doctor of phys.-math. Prof. Eshkobilov Yusuf Kholboyevich
  4. Candidate of phys.-math. associate Prof Dilmuradov Nasrutdin Elmurodovich
  5. Candidate of phys.-math. senior teacher Khamrayev Akhror Yusupovich
  6. Candidate of phys.-math. senior teacher Meyliyev Khabibulla Jamolovich
  7. Senior teacher Rustamova Mastura Samadovna
  8. Senior teacher Yangiboyev Zoyir Shoberdiyevich
  9. Senior teacher Juraev Davron Aslonkulovich
  10. Teacher Jumaev Jakhongir Nafasovich
  11. Teacher Norov Asliddin Ziyot ugli
  12. Teacher Khalilov Akbar Zamirovich
  13. Teacher Mukumov Askar Khamza ugli
  14. Teacher Shoimov Bakhodir Sayfullo ugli   

Educational works 


Members of the chair conduct lessons on 5130100-Mathematics in all directions of mathematics and special subjects, also they teach relative subjects to mathematics in other chairs.

Subjects of bachelor’s:

  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Differential Equations
  • Functional Analysis
  • Mathematic Physical Equations
  • Complex Variable Functions Theory
  • Operator Theory
  • Selected chapters of Analysis
  • Selected chapters of Mathematic Physical Equations
  • Methods of Mathematic Physics
  • Higher Mathematics
  • Mathematics


Since 2015, masters have been being accepted in the speciality of 5A130101- Mathematics (Mathematical Analysis) and 10 masters are studying now.

Subjests of Magistracy:

  • Borel meter and Potential Theory
  • theory of a function of a complex variable
  • Plyuriy’s Potential Theory
  • Plyuriy’s Potential Theory and Dynamical Systems
  • Gibbs meters
  • Integral Equations


In 2018, PhD is opened in the specialty 01.01.01- Mathematical Analysis and 3 doctoral students are studying now.

1. Bozorov J.T. - Scientific director is Doctor of phys.-math. Prof. Shoimkulov B.A.

2. Nodirov Sh.D. - Scientific director is Doctor of phys.-math. Prof. Eshkobilov Y.X.

3.Qulturaev D.J.- Scientific director is Doctor of phys.-math. Prof. Eshkobilov Y.X. 

Scientific directions:

1. Integral formulas and many variable remainders in Complex Analysis.

2. Continuous and Discrete Dynamical Systems.

3. Correct and opposite equations for mathematic physical equations

Seminars and extra classes

Scientific seminar is conducted on the theme “Mathematics and important problems of teaching it” in the chair. Seminar’s director: Prof. Eshkobilov Y.X. Time of the seminar: every Thursday at 13:00-14:00, room 102

Also there are training seminar on the theme “Foundation of Analysis” for masters and students. Seminars director: Alikulov E.O. Seminar’s time: every Tuesday at 15:00-16:00, room 102.

For students there are extra class called “Al-Xorazmiy vorislari”(Hires of al-Khwarizmi). Time: every Friday at 14:00-16:00, room 102.

Scientific Projects

In the chair is been realizing a fundamental grant on the theme “Discrete and continuous dynamical systems and spectrums of part integral operators” (OT-F4-22). Director of the grant: Prof. Y. Eshkobilov. Members: Prof. B. Shoimkulov, E. Alikulov, A. Khamroev, , J. Bozorov, M. Rustamova, Sh. Nodirov.

Scientific Cooperations

The chair cooperates with Russian Academy of Science, SB, HM, and MG institutes, Siberian Federal University, Novosibirsk State University, Kazan Federal  University, Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, Institute of Mathematics and the chairs of other leading universities of Uzbekistan. 

Address: 17 Kuchabog, Karshi 180103 


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