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Head of Chair:  Jabborov Eshpo'lat

Telephone: (+998 91) 945-64-55 

E-mail  ejabborov@umail.uz



About the Chair

The chair of the Uzbek linguistics was founded in 1956. T.S. Yadikhanova, candidate of philological sciences, assistant- professor was the first chief of the chair. She ran the chair for 25 years (1954- 1979). In 1963- 1964 the chair of the Uzbek language was joined to this chair and then it was named “The chair of the Uzbek language and literature”. At that time linguists A. Mamatkulov, T.Urinov, B.Egamberdiyev, A.Hazratkulov, T. Shodmonov, E. Shodmonov, K.Usmonov, H. Hamroyev, N.Mirzayev, B. Choriyev, T.Kudratov defended their research successfully. As a result scientific level of the chair reasonably increased. Teachers as I.Choriyev, H. Zohirov, G. Azizov defended their dissertation on teaching methods of the Uzbek language.

From 1979 to 1985 candidate of philological sciences, assistant- professor B. Choriyev ran the chair. During this period teachers of the chair adopted several booklets, monographies and scientific articles.

From 1986 to 2003 professor T. Nafasov was the chairman. Tens of capable young teachers were employed during these years. E. Jabborov, O. Begimov under the leadership of T. Nafasov, KH.Jabborov under the leadership of E. Begmatov, T.Jumayev under the leadership of professor H.Ne’matov, I. KHudoynazarov under the leadership of E.Kilichev defended their candidate dissertation. B.Mengliyev defended both candidate and doctorate dissertation under the leadership of H. Ne’matov.

In 2003- 2009 B. Mengliyev, doctor of philological sciences, professor, ran the chair. In short time under the leadership of professor B. Mengliyev B.Bahriddinova, SH.Bobojonov, O.Shukurov and later O.Urinova, N.Musulmonova, Yo.Hamrayeva, N.Yuldosheva defended their dissertation work. Professor B.Mengliyev work out booklets, and adopted hundreds of articles for bachelor students.

In 2009- 2015 KH. Jabborov, candidate of philological sciences, assistant- professor, ran the chair.

In March, 2015 E. Jabborov, candidate of philological sciences, was appointed chairman.

Nowadays KH.Jabborov,KH. Norkhujayeva, G.Tojiyeva, T.Valiyev are working on their research work. Two of them finished their work. Professor- teachers of the chair have adopted a number of pamphlets, methodical hand books, articles in foreign and HAC journals, and in Mass media in the last years. Besides that they took art in international and republican conferences with their lectures. The chair has gained rich experience of organizing conferences over the Republic. For example in 2008 a republican conference on the theme “The Uzbek linguistics in XXI century”, in 2015 in April on the theme “Reforms in teaching the Uzbek language: tasks, developments and problems” are among them.

There is a magistrate’s branch in the chair. Students of the branch have been learning their field research under the leadership of professor- teachers.

At the present time there are 19 professor- teachers in the chair. 3 of them are assistant- professor teachers, 9 of them are candidates, senior teachers, 3 of them are senior teachers, 4 of them are assistant teachers. 10 of the professor- teachers are women. The average age of the professor- teachers of the chair is 47, scientific level is 85 percent.

The chair of the Uzbek linguistics established relations between Turcology department in Russian AS, Chelyabinsk state university (Russia), Turcology (Ankara) deparment in Turkey AS, also Language and literature institute by A.Navai in UzRAS, National university of UR, TSPU by Nizami, BukhDU, SamDU, FarDU, terDU, UrDU, NamDU, KDPI.   

Every year the chair of the Uzbek linguistics publishes scientific collection called “Actual problems of the Uzbek linguistics”.

Professor- teachers are helping the students with their research work. Their articles are published in scientific collection “Science, progress and the youth”. 

Discipline of the chair:

Bachelor degree.

- Phonetics - Phonology

- Lexicology - lexicography

- Morphemic - morphology

- Syntax 

- Old Turkish language

- Historical Grammar

- History of the Uzbek literary language

- Introduction to Linguistics

- General Linguistics

- Arabic and Persian languages

- Uzbek Dialectology

- Introduction to Turkic philology

- Turkic comparative- historical grammar

- Methods of teaching Uzbek

- History of the Uzbek linguistics

- Sociolinguistics

- Fundamentals of speech etiquette. 

Master’s degree. 

- Theoretical Grammar of the Uzbek language .

- Comparative- historical grammar of Turkic languages.

- Text Linguistics

- Methods of linguistic research .

- Culture Uzbek speech.

Professor-teachers of the chair:

Jabborov Hujamurod Jabborovich

Jabborov Eshpulat Jabborovich

Jumayev Tursunali Jumayevich

Shukurov Otabek Ulashovich

Khudoynazarov Ikrom Imomovich

Urinova Olima Togayevna

Bahriddinova Bashorat Madiyevna

Musulmonova Nargiza Rakhmatullayevna

Yuldosheva Nilufar Ergashevna

Kiyomov Farhod Ravupovich

Rizayev Baxtiyor Xolliyevich

Tojiyeva Gulbahor Nomozovna

Nafasova Vazira Turayevna

Shodmonova Dildora Ergashevna

Valiyev Tuychi Korjovovich

Xurramov Qo‘yli Xurramovich

Bobojanov Sharif Xudoshukurovich

Jumayeva Salima Cho‘yanovna

Bozorova Dildor Bahronovna

Kenjayev To‘lqin Arabovich

Norho‘jayeva Xurshida Sharipovna


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