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The head of the chair:

Shodmonov Nafas Namozovich

Doctor of Philology

Phone: (+99897) 311-06-26

E-mail: nafasxon-622@mail.ru


The history of the chair 

The chair of literary criticizm was established in 1964. The chair has been operated by professors and professor assistants A.Shermatov, V.Tahirzada, A.Qahharov, Kh.Rizayeva, O.Ikramov, A.Rasulov, T.Bazarov, F.Eshimov, P.Ravshanov, B.Yuldashev, D.Turayev and G.Imamova. Philology doctor Nafas Shadmanov has been working as a chair manager since May 29, 2014. 

There working stuff 19 lecturers in the chair, two Philology Doctors, ten professor assistants, four senior teachers and an assistant teacher. Scientific potential of the chair is 67 %. The medium age of Philology Doctors is 60 and the medium age of professor assistants is 45. 

At present Professor D.Turayev, Philology Doctor N.Shadmanov, Professor assistants  G.Imamova, A.Ergashev, D.Khalilova, canditates of philology sciences S.Muminova, Sh.Qahharova, A.Hamdamov, N.Ochilov,  Sh.Karomova, Sh.Nuriddinov, S. Jumayeva, R. Jumayev, senior teachers B.Rizayev, F.Kiyamov,  teachers O.Avaznazarov, J. Xusanov   M.Rayhonova, N.Sultonova are working in the chair and guiding scientific research of students. 

In many years educational work, many scientific monographs, brochures, methodological manuals and scientific articles has been prepared in the chair and published in foriegn adn local scientific and popular magazines. 

There being led scientific research on the theme of ”The developments of genres of modern Uzbek literature” and ”The problems of studying Uzbek classic literatureand folklore”. Since 2018 at the chair of university has opened under the authority of the subject of philology giving PhD degree and scientific council started its activity. 

The chair colloborates with the institute of Language and Literature under Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan Republic, National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Pedagogical University, Bukhara State University, Samarkand State University and Termez State University. 

There operating a circle ”Shalola” under the chair/ More than 40 students  are attracted in it and they were given the themes of scientific research. In the academic lyceums and vocational colleges, the branches of the chair are established in order to assist to organize the educational process in them. Some experienced teachers of the chair are attached to academic lyceums № 1,2,4, Karshi Pedagogical college,  Karshi Cultural college, economical college of Karshi district, Guzar agribusiness college. 

The members of the chair attend to republican and international conferences and competitions with their scientific articles. On the initiative of the members of the chair there regularly held republican and ministerial scientific and applied conference. On May 3, 2013, a ministerial scientific conference on the theme of “Literary resource: the problems of publication and modern principles of study”. 

Scientific direction of the chair: ”The problems of studying Uzbek classic literatureand folklore”. 

Educational fields and specialties of the chair: 5120101 – Philology and languages teching (Uzbek language), 5A1112301 - Uzbek language and literature. 



Uzbek folklore 

Introduction to Literary criticism 

The history of Uzbek classic literature 

Modern literary process 

The history of world literature 

Bases of textual study 

Uzbek literature of National revival period 

Methods of teaching Literature 

The history of the literature of Turkish peoples 

Poetics of Art prose 

Theory of Literature 

Bases of artistic analysis 

The history of Uzbek Literary criticism 

Bases of Aruz 

The history of New Uzbek Literature 

Basis of classic and sufi poetics 

Uzbek children’s Literature 

Children’s Literature and folklore (for the direction of primary education) 

The culture of teacher’s speech (for the direction of school education and primary education) 

The art of oratorship and culture of speech (for the direction of National idea, Bases of ethics and Education of Law) 

Old Uzbek written language (for the direction of history) 

Uzbek Literature (for the direction of National idea, Bases of ethics and Education of Law) 

Persian language 


Methods of teaching subjects on specialty 

Scientific bases of the heory of Literature 

The main direction of classic Literature 

Aesthetics of literary types and genres 

Theoretical bases of Uzbek Literature in period of Independence 

The culture of speech (for the non- specialty direction) 

The staff of the chair: 

Shodmonov Nafas Namozovich – Doctor of Philology, the head of the chair: 

Turayev Damin – Doctor of Philology, professor 

Imomova Gulchehra Muhammadiyevna – candidate of Philology sciences, professor assistant 

Muminova Saodat Aralovna – candidate of Philology sciences, senior teacher 

Qahharova Shakhnoza Abdimuminovna – candidate of Philology sciences, professor assistant 

Hamdamov Akram Nasriddinovich – candidate of Philology sciences, senior teacher 

Karomova Shohida Lutfullayevna – candidate of Philology sciences, senior teacher 

Nuriddinov Shahobiddin Babayarovich – candidate of Philology sciences, senior teacher 

Khalilova Dilbar Jalilovna – candidate of Philology sciences, professor assistant 

Ochilov Nasim Kamolovich – candidate of Philology sciences, senior teacher 

Ergashev Abdiolim – candidate of Philology sciences, senior teacher 

Jumayeva Salima Chuyanovna- candidate of Philology sciences, senior teacher 

Jumayev Rashid Normurodovich – candidate of Philology sciences, senior teacher 

Rizayev Baxtiyor Xolliyevich – senior teacher 

Qiyomov Farhod Raupovich – senior teacher 

Rayhonova Muhayyo Muxammadiyevna– assistant-teacher 

Sultonova Nilufar Narzullayevna – assistant- teacher 

Avaznazarov Odiljon Raxmatullayevich- assistant-teacher 

Xusanov Jamshid Nurmamatovich- assistant-teacher


Address of the chair : Karshi city, Kuchabog street, 17.


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