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The chair of the labor education

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The head of the chair: candidate of the technical sciences, assistant professor

Makhamov Khujakhmat Tavashovich

Telephone: (+99895) 506-44-28

E-mail:  qardu_maxamov@edu.uz



History of the chair 

According to "Organizational structure of faculties and departments at Karshi State University" confirmed on August 15, 2011 by the Ministry of higher and secondary specialized education of the Republic of Uzbekistan the chair of “Labor education” is organized on the base of the order of Scientific board of the university on October 5, 2011 and the order of the rector of the university on November 9, 2011 

The chair of  "Labor education" prepares specialists on direction 5112100 - "Labor education" and teaches the course "Safety in vital activity" in all directions of the university. 

Subjects taught in the chair: 

Methodology of teaching labor education 

Labour security 

Technology and design 

Technical creativity and design 

The practice of technological education 


Material science 

National handicraft 

Professional orientation 

Mechanization and automation, robotics 

Cutting equipment and machine tools 

Fundamentals of home appliances 

Safety in vital activity 

Fundamentals of technology of machine-building 

Professor-teachers of the chair 

Makhamov Khujakhmat Tavashovich - a candidate of technical sciences, associate professor 

Yakubov Sabir Halmuradovich - a doctor of technical sciences, associate professor 

Chuyanov Dustmurod Shodmonovich - a candidate of technical sciences, associate professor 

Turdiyev Elmirza Jurayevich – a candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor 

Ochilov Akrom Odilovich – a candidate of technical sciences, associate professor 

Batiyev Ravil Gikramovich - a senior teacher 

Ochilov Alisher Oripovich - a senior teacher 

Nazirov Zulkaynar Sharopovich - a senior teacher 

Hoshimov Abdukodir Hamdamovich - a teacher 

Yusupov Mamarasul Togayevich - a teacher 

Kholmurodov Dilmurod Sobir ugli - a teacher 

Ganiyeva Sharifa Adilovna - a teacher 

Astanova Mohira Muhtarovna - a teacher 

Abdullaeva Komila Tursunovna - a teacher 

Nurmamatova Rahima Rahmonovna - a teacher 

Bolliyev Kamoljon Ergashevich - a teacher 

Elmurodov Nuriddin Saidmurodovich - a teacher 

Professor S.V.Dmitriyev from Russian Federation was invited to teach the subject “Material science”. 

Scientific-methodical works of the chair: 

The scientific-methodical articles of professor-teachers of the chair were published in scientific journals, in the materials of international and republican conferences, in scientific collections. 

The chair is collaborating with the leading high schools such as TDTU, TDPU. TATU, TAYI, SamDU, BuxDU  and BuxYTMTI/ 

As such our chair signed the international cooperation contract with the Russian university named after B.B.Gorodovikov in 2018 on the 27th April. And in this way a lot of scientific methodical work are being done nowadays. The collection of scientific monographs and articles were printed. we are exchanging our teachers and students. The professor of the chair S.Kh.Yakubov was in Kalmak State University on July 16-21 and get acquainted to the conditions and planned with the future scientific work with them. 

In 2017-2018 the manual book about “Labour security” was published by R.Nurmamatova. 

In 2017-2018 academic year totally 18 articles and 46 theses were printed in foreign journals, magazines by professor-teachers of the chair. As well as 2 educational handbooks, 2 educational-methodical handbooks were published, 1 manual book, 1 educational handbook and 4 methodical handbooks are given to publish. 

Research work 

The following research work is being done in the chair: 

  1. Mathematical modeling and optimization engineering design, automation of the technological processes and production
  2. Optimization of thermal regime of deep-seated geliolimoniums 

The research works are conducted under the guidance of doctor of technical sciences S.Yakubov, candidates of technical sciences H.Makhamov, D.Chuyanov, A.Ochilov, B. Kholliнev and I.Murodov. 

The chair makes cooperation research works with leading higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, such as TUITU, TUIT, TSPU and the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as international leading universities such as Tver State University of Russia, Kalmyk State University, Yugoslav State University and Russian Academy of Sciences and scientific research institutes. 

On November 17-18, 2017 on the base of the decree 126-D of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on February 13, 2017 the chair hosted an international scientific-technical conference entitled "Actual problems of automation and optimization of technological processes and industries". 

The conference was organized in four sections: 

Automation and management of technological processes and industries, 

Optimization problems, modeling and algorithm management. 

Mathematics and computer modeling, 

Management of information technologies and socio-economic processes in technology, economics, medicine, biology. 

Professors A.N.Kudinov, S.V.Dmitriyev, E.A.Korzinkova and O.P.Erdniyev from Russian Federation took part in the conference. 

Circles on the subjects: 

Circles and their activities organized in the chair of Labor Education 

Name of the circles

Head of the circle

name, year of birth, position, academic degree

Place of study

Duration of lessons


Young constructor

Yusupov М.Т. 1963, teacher.

Qurbonov B.1964, teacher

At the training workshop

Twice a week


Skillful hands

Abdullayeva K.1971, teacher.

Astanova M.M.1969, teacher

At the training workshop

Twice a week

 Material base of the department: 

There are 10 computers and 6 printers for the material and technical support of the chair, including 3 "Hp LaserJet 1000" and "Canon LBP3010B" and 6 roller countertops, 6 milling machine tools, 3 milling cutter tools, 4 slit countertops, 2 drill bits, 6 sewing machines and a variety of equipment. In addition, modern teaching equipment is fully equipped to provide students with 100% in doing practical and laboratory works.


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