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The chair of pedagogy

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Head of the chair: candidate of pedagogical science, professor

Soxibov Akram Rustamovich

Telephone(+998 90) 617-99-09




History department

Pedagogy department was founded in march 1964 on the basis of social sciences and humanities . At this time the department has 13 teachers: 5 of them docents, candidates of pedagogical science, 1 Lecturer , 10 assistants . Scientific potential of the department is 54 %.

Professorial-teacher’s list of the department:

  1. doc. Sokhibov Akram Rustamovich – Head of the department
  2. doc. Djumayeva Nargiz Erkinovna
  3. prof. Choriyev Abdishukur Choriyevich
  4. Ph.D. Eshmurodov Ergash
  5. Ph.D. Eshmurodova Gulbaxor Xushmurodovna
  6. Ph.D. Rajabova Inobat Ravshanovna
  7. teach.Qoraxonova Oysara Yuldoshovna
  8. teach. Sultonov Akram Ikromovich 
  9. teach.Ismoilova Yulduz Turayevna
  10. 10. teach.Xalilova Xabiba Mamatqulovna
  11. teach.Qurbonova Aziza O‘ktamovna
  12. teach.Qultoyeva Nasiba Jurayevna
  13. teach.Murodova Zulfiya Qayumovna
  14. teach.Sattorova Moxira Amirqulovna
  15. teach.Mirzaqobilov Asqarali Davronovich
  16. teach.Rajabova Lola Raxmatullayevna
  17. teach.Pardaqulov Norbek Pardaqulovich
  18. teach.Xo‘jayorova Nafisa Sultonmurodovna 

Department of Pedagogy is interfaculty department and in all faculties and directions of the university following disciplines are conducted:

  1. Pedagogics
  2. Theory and history of the General Pedagogics
  3. Pedagogical skills
  4. Educational technologies
  5. Social pedagogics 

There created educational technologies in all disciplines and they are based on modern pedagogical and information technologies. And also the teaching load of the department include teaching practice for the students of 3-4 years of University. 

The main theme of the scientific research work of the department is: “Theoretical and practical bases of preparation of future experts in educational process of Higher education”.

In the specified direction a number of monographs, scientific manuals, educational and methodical manuals, scientific articles of teachers as doc. Djumayeva N.E., doc. Primov T., Ph.D. Eshmurodov E.E., doc. Sokhibov A.R. were published.

The Department has a study circle  ”Pedagog” which involved more than 20 students who conduct research and pedagogical work. Every year the members of the circle act their scientific articles  in Republican scientific-practical conferences. 

      Department collaborates with Universities, as Tashkent GPU Nizami, SRI named Kari Niyazov RU, Institute of Higher Pedagogy at the Tashkent State University, Bukhara State University, Termez State University, Bukhara Technological Institute, Centre for distance education fund "Iste'dod" of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan for increase of scientific capacity of department, scientific and pedagogical level of teachers, professional development, formation of readiness for complex use of knowledge and abilities in professional pedagogical activity. 

The stuff of the chair of Pedagogy


A show class on the theme “culture and enlightenment in the echo of Amir Temur and Temurids”, which is held by the head of the chair of the pedagogy N.Jumayeva.

Memorial evening dedicated to the First President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov which is held at Karshi Pedagogy College 

Participance of the chair stuff of the pedagogy at the women’s sports festival, held at Karshi State University


The evening dedicated to the Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur (February, 2017)


Educational System of Dehkanabad (May, 2017)


Evening at students dormitory


At the process of defending master’s degree

The process of working with students at library 


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