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Head of the chair: Murodov Muxitdin Qodirovich

Telefon:(+998 90) 609-67-80

E-mail: m_muhiddin@mail.ru



The history of the chair


The chair of music education was established in 1977. The chair has been operated by candidate of philology Sami Aziz o’g’li, professor M. Abdukarimov, senior teacher R.Primov. Senior teacher M. Muradov has been working as a chair manager since January 29, 2015. 

There working staff 7 lecturers in the chair, 1 candidate of Pedagogy, 3 senior and 3 assistant teachers. Scientific potential of the chair is 14 %. 

In many years educational work, many scientific monographs, brochures, methodological manuals and scientific articles has been prepared in the chair and published in foreign and local scientific and popular magazines. 

There being led scientific research on the theme of ”Developing of profession qualification of future mischance teachers” and ”The performance style of singed art in Uzbekistan”. 

The chair collaborates with the TashkentStatePedagogicalUniversity, BukharaStateUniversity, SamarkandStateUniversity and GulistanStateUniversity. 

There operating a circle ”Yosh musiqashunos” under the chair. More than 40 students  are attracted in it and they were given the themes of scientific research. In the vocational colleges, the branches of the chair are established in order to assist to organize the educational process in them. Some experienced teachers of the chair are attached to, Karshi Art college, Karshi Pedagogical college,  Karshi Cultural and tourism college. 

TheMembers of chair take part to scientific conferences lectures and musical works. The team “Ziyo sadolari” every year obtained the 1 st place among republican HEI wich conpetation “Yagonasan, muqaddas Vatan!” in 2014,2015,2016,2017. 

Scientific direction of the chair: ”The scientific and methodology foundation of teaching musical subject ”. 

Educational fields and specialties of the chair: 5111100 – preparation bachelors in music education 



  • School repertoire
  • Extra instrument
  • Theory of music’s (solfedjio, harmonia, analyze of music plays)
  • Vocal and modern music’s
  • Instrumental performance and ensemble
  • Chorus and chorus
  • Conducting
  • Compose of Uzbek national music
  • Traditional singer
  • Work on Computer programs with notes
  • Methodology of music education and school repertoire
  • Teaching music technology and projecting
  • History of music
  • Vocal performance literature of children music’s
  • Traditional and folk song
  • Organization of music clubs 

The staff of the chair: 

  • Muradov Muxitdin Qodirovich – senior teacher, chair manager
  • Ismoilova Mahbuba Elamonovna – candidate of Pedagogy, senior teacher
  • Primov Rashi Toshqulovich – senior teacher
  • Pirnazarov laziz Qaxramonovich – senior teacher
  • Qurbonov Quldosh Yuldoshevich – assistant-teacher
  • Qurbonova Mohigul Shoniyozovna – assistant- teacher
  • Azizov Fayoz Samiyevich- assistant-teacher 




 The address of the chair : Karshi city, Kuchabog street, 17.



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