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Head of the chair: honored teacher of education,

Kushaeva Gulchehra Satimovna

Phone No: (+99890) 721 05 06

E- mail: gulchehra1967@rambler.ru



 History of the chair 

From  academic year 2001-2002  French language department was organized and students were admitted at this department in KarshiStateUniversity. 

In 2014 the chair of the French language and literature is founded and  headed by senior teacher G. Kushaeva. 

The teaching staff in the chair consists of 10 persons, they are: one professor, 2 senior teachers, 7 assistants. Scientific potential of the chair is 10%. 

The teaching staff of the chair do their best in order to improve their scientific competence and professional skills. During educational years the teachers of the chair participated in scientific contests which are held in Uzbekistan  and foreign countries. 

Honor teacher of education, G.Kushaeva retrained and practiced her educational skills in Shanhay University, China and in Myugelzee education centre, Germany.As well as teacher  K.Baratova , teachers as T.Shermatova, H.Jurakobilova, H.Hamzaev were at IMEF Institute, A.Zoirova retrained and practiced her educational skills at Educational Centre in BezansonCity in France. 

Scientific Circle “Civilisation” are conducting their activities at the chair in order to learn better the French language according to the Decree No 1875 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “ On the measure of developing the system of studying foreign languages”.

The Chair of the French language and literature has a systematic cooperation with Teaching Centre SLA in Bezanson in France, IMEF Institute in France, National University of Uzbekistan, State University of World Languages of Uzbekistan, Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages and so on. 

The Chair of French language and literature prepares cadres on a speciality:

5120100 - Philology (French language); 84 students study at this department.

Scientific Research task of the chair: “French linguistics”, “Introduction to study of  literature and teaching methodics”.

Subjects taught at the chair.


Integrated skills

Writing and Speech practice

Theory of linguistics 

Introduction to study of literature 

Creative work skills

Teaching integrational course I,II,III of foreign languages.

Practical French

Country study

The History of French language.

Stylistics and Linguistics of  text.

French literature.

Teaching methods of French language.

Theoretical grammar 

The theory and practice of translation 

The Second Foreign language 

The French language (Inter faculty French). 


Practical foreign language. 

Teaching staff of the chair: 

Kushaeva Gulchehra Satimovna - senior teacher, head of the chair. 

Jurakhobilova Hamida Kholmatovna – senior teacher, s.f.n 

Zoirova Aziza Ibragimovna - senior teacher. 

Sultonova Inobat Usmonovna – teacher. 

Hayitov Chorshami – teacher. 

Hamzaev Hasan Rabboevich – teacher. 

Miyasarov Eldor Amanovich – teacher. 

Baratova Klara Holmanovna – teacher. 

Asadov Mahmadiyor Turayevich – teacher.

Bekmuradova Zebiniso Erkinovna– teacher.

Dans les années 2001-2002 les étudiants ont été acceptés à l`Université d`État Karchi au département de français.

Depuis 2014 de fèvrier « Le département de français » est devenu une chaire particulière. Le professeur G.Kouchaeva est le titulaire de cette chaire. Un candidat de science et 10 professeurs travaillent à cette chaire. Plus de 50% des professeurs de la chaire ont fait leurs pratiques pédagogiques dans les pays étrangers.

Cette chaire établit des relations dans le domaine scientifique avec l`institution IMEF de la France, le centre d`étude SLA de Besançon, l`Ambassade de France en Ouzbékistan et quelques écoles supérieurs de notre pays.

Day of the Francophonie. Festival "I speak French"

Day of the Francophonie. Festival "I speak French." Rewarding

Reception at the French Embassy

Innovation Fair continues. Tashkent


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