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Head of the chair: Sr teacher,

Jumanov Vaydulla Ibodullayevich 

Phone No: (+998 90) 428-31-92

E-mail:    i-shahzod@mail.ru

History of the chair

The chair of the “English language and Literature” was founded in 1961 at Karshi State Pedagogical Institute.

From 2014 to 2016 due to the approval of the new structure of faculties and departments of the university by the Ministry of Higher and secondary specialized education of Uzbekistan the chair of the “English language and Literature” was named the chair of “Lingustics”. From 2016 to present it is named again the chair of the “English language and Literature”.

The teaching stuff   in the chair consists of 26 persons, they are: 5 senior teachers and 21 assistant teachers.

Electronic educational-methodic complexes and educational technologies are prepared on the basis of modern pedagogical and information technologies for all subjects taught at the chair. There are 4 educational rooms equipped with modern communication facilities.

The chair of the “English language and Literature” has a systematic scientific cooperation with Academic Lyceum № 1 at Karshi State University,  Karshi pedagogical college, Guzar college of  agriculture, Centre of  retraining specialists, Academic Lyceum “Nuristan”, State University of World Languages of Uzbekistan, National university of Uzbekistan and Samarkand State University of Foreign Languages.

Scientific Circles, “A young lexicologist”, “The Young Linguists”, “The Young translators”, are conducting their activities at the chair, where talented students deliver lectures. More than 45 students are involved in them. These scientific circles lead the students towards research activities and improvement of training quality.

The Chair of the “English language and Literature ” prepares the cadres on a specialty 5111400 Foreign languages and literature (English language). 

Scientific Reaserach task of the chair: «Problems of Linguistic analysis and Theoretical translation of the present day English»

Subjects taught at the chair:


  • Writing and Speech Practice
  • Practical Grammar
  • Practical Phonetics
  • Basis of linguistics
  • Introduction to  literature
  • Antique Literature
  • Lexicology
  • Country studies
  • Theoretical Phonetics
  • Literature of the country language of which is studied
  • The theory and practice of translation
  • Introduction to German Philology
  • Stylistics
  • History of Great Britain
  • Theoretical Grammar
  • General Linguistics
  • The History of English Language
  • Theory of literature
  • Comparative Typology
  • Teaching methods of the primary studied language and modern technologies
  • Teacher’s standard of speech
  • Grammar Analysis
  • Practical English
  • The Second Foreign Language

Teaching staff of the chair:

  • senior teacher, Jumanov V.
  • senior teacher, Nizomova X.
  • senior teacher, Xoliqova H.
  • senior teacher,  Jumayeva N.
  • senior teacher,  Ochilova D.
  • teacher, Shonazarov M.
  • teacher, To‘rayeva D.
  • teacher, Giyasov J.
  • teacher, Muratova M.
  • teacher, Qiyomova G.
  • teacher, Nashirova Sh.
  • teacher, Yodgorova Z.
  • teacher, Ergasheva R.
  • teacher, Choriyeva F.
  • teacher, Mahmudova U.
  • teacher, Begimkulova D.
  • teacher, Ro‘ziyev Q.
  • teacher, Ashurova Sh.
  • teacher, Avlayeva S.
  • teacher, Xusanova R.
  • teacher, Jo’rayev N.
  • teacher, Aliqulov F.
  • teacher, Sherqulov S.
  • teacher, Xojayorov M.
  • teacher, Komilova G.
  • teacher, Jabborova X.
  • teacher, Hamrayeva M. 

Research works being realized at the chair:

  • Jumanov Vaydulla “The usage of idiomatical interrogative sentences in colloquial speech texts”.
  • Kholikova Husnora “Activity of prepositional combinations in scientific and technical text and their translation”.
  • Ochilova Dilafruz “Oriental interpretation in English dramatic art of 17th century (by the example of J.Driden’s “Avrangzeb”).


Address of the chair: Facultyof Foreign languages, 2nd floor, room № 22G, the chair of “English language and literature”.


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