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History of the faculty

In 1965 for the occasion of preparation specialists in higher education on English and German languages the branch of foreign languages was organized in Karshi State University and began acceptance students on profession "English language" and "German language". The Order of Ministry of Higher Education UzSSR №526 on December 4, 1968 this branch was changed in the faculty of foreign languages. Status of the university was assigned in 1992 as Karshi State Pedagogical Institute.

According to the structure of Karshi State University, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2011) confirmed the name of the faculty as "Roman-German Philology Faculty". On June 30, 2014 new structure of the faculty was approved and according to the decision of Scientific Committee of the university on July 8, 2014 the name of "Foreign Languages Faculty" was returned.

The administration of the faculty:


Dean of Foreign languages faculty

doctor of philosophical science,

Valiyev Tuychi Korjovovich

Receiving days: Every Friday from 08:00 to 17:00

Phone: (+99890) 733-09-72

E-mail: tuychi2016@bk.ru



 Deputy dean of the faculty on educational affairs:

Bozorov Orif Chamanovich, senior teacher

Reception days: Every day from 9:00 to 17:00

Phone: (+99893) 930 70 67

E-mail:  bozorov-orif@umail.uz



Deputy dean of the faculty on educational affairs:

Asadov Mahmadiyor Turayevich, teacher

Receiving days: Every Friday from 08:00 to 17:00

Phone: (+99897) 735 45 40

E-mail: masadov_qardu@umail.uz 





 Deputy dean of the faculty on scientific affairs:

Halilova Shahlo Jalilovna, teacher

Receiving days: Every Wednesday from 08:00 to 17:00

Phone: (+99891) 643 68 80

E-mail: Sh-xalilova_qardu@umail.uz


 Deputy dean of the faculty on spiritual-educational affairs

Omonov Shuhrat Ganiyevich, teacher

Receiving days: Every Thursday from 08:00 to 17:00

Phone: (+99891) 956 24 84

E-mail: omonovsh@umail.uz



 Deputy dean of the faculty on spiritual-educational affairs

Amirkulova Nargiza Amirkulovna, teacher

Receiving days: Every Thursday from 08:00 to 17:00

Phone: (+99891) 321 26 81

E-mail:  amirkulova_n@umail.uz



 Achievements of the faculty on cooperation

The specialists of the faculty co-operate actively with enterprises such as "Shurtangaz", Mubarak gas processing plant, Talimarjan hydroelectric power station, Kasan creamery, Karshitermoplast, "Kukdumalak-gas" concerning with translation their technical documentation. 

In independence years the international relationship of the faculty vastly enlarged. From 2010 within the framework of educational program Korean organization "KOIKA" organized study courses on Korean language at faculty. 

The teachers of the faculty raised the qualification in leading high schools of the world.  Associate professor G.K.Hojayev passed in qualification in Berlin, Erfurt and Munich branch of Goethe Institute in Germany, V.Jumanov, A.Alikulov, P.Kurbonov, D.Ochilova, N.Jumayeva - in London Metropolitan University and in North-London University; G.Kushayeva, K.Baratova, A.Mahmudov - in Shanghai University of China. 

The faculty hold scientific and cultural relationship with leading universities of the republic, including NUU, UzSWLU, SamSFLI, BuhSU, as well as with foreign universities - Berlin university of Humboldt, Munich Institute of Goethe, North-London University. As a result of extensions of the international relationships the chair of Roman-German philology (now the chair of German and French languages) gained educational literature of 2 mln. sum in embassy of Germany in Uzbekistan, in Institute of Goethe and German service academic exchange DAAD, 1,5 mln. sum in embassy of France; the chair of English 2 mln. sum in Great Britain; the chair of Russian language and literature 2 mln. sum in embassy of Russian Federation. 


Specialists from higher institutes of the world visited to the faculty in the last years: in 1992 - Edward Kaalm from Ireland; in 1993 - a Danish scientist Monica Petersen; in 1998 - a professor Schaumberg from Hamburg University; in 2002 - a group of scientists, graduate students and masters from Hohenheym university under the direction of doctor Genreh Shule as well as an Austrian specialists Elke and Martin Guzenbauer; in 2003 - a regional director of the German service academic exchange DAAD, doctor Eva Portius; in 2004 - an employee of administrative of Germany in Uzbekistan Uta Ryorber; in 2005 - a leader of the service DAAD Matias Kingenberg; in 2007 - Manya Husner; in 2008 - a scientific employee of the fund named after Otto von Bismark, doctor Rayner Bendik; in 2009 - employees of embassy of South Korea Cue Dong Ho and Liliana Shin.

Teacher of the chair of German language and literature Sh.Kuvanova annually participates on seminar conducted in Germany. 

Head of the chair of interfaculties foreign languages has been a winner of the contest ERASMUS MUNDUS conducted in 1989 in Hungary, in 2001 in South Korea, in 2008 in England, passed scientific period in philosophical university of Konstantin in Slovakia.

Teachers of the chair of French language and literature T.Shermatova, H.Jurakobilova, H.Hamzayev passed the study improvement courses in institute of IMEF in France. Senior teacher of the chair A.Zoirova raised the qualification in the city of France several times: in 2011 in educational center of SEMEA in the  city of La Rochelle, in 2013 in educational center of SLA in the city of Besancon. In 2017 she passed scientific activity in Shenyang Pedagogical University of China.

Foreign languages faculty trains 1474 students and prepares specialists on the following directions:


5120100 - Philology and teaching languages (English);

5111400 - Foreign language and literature (English);

5120100 - Philology and teaching languages (German language);

5120100 - Philology and teaching languages (French language);

5111300 - Native language and literature (Russian language and literature);


5A120102 - Linguistics (English).

At present 116 professor-teachers work at the faculty: 2 of them are doctors of sciences, professors; 14 candidates of sciences, associate professors; 25 senior teachers; 75 assistant teachers.

Chairs of the faculty

Today the faculty functions 5 chairs:

-English and literature

-Interfaculties foreign languages

-Russian language and literature

-German language and literature

-French language and literature



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