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The head of the Chair: The Candidate of Agriculture Science, senior teacher.


Telephone: (+998 90) 607-44-33

Electron address:  a.xayriddinov1975@mail.ru



The History of the Chair 

The Chair was founded by joining the chairs “Agro chemistry and Agro soil Science” and “Ecology”. There are 7 professors-teachers are working at the chair: 2 the Candidates of Science, lecturers, 3 the Candidates of Science, senior teacher and 3 assistant-teachers. Scientific capacity is 50,0%. Specialists are prepared on the branches: 5141000-“Soil Science.

Educational technology of all sciences is created on the basis of Modern Pedagogical Technology. There is a lecture-hall equipped with the means of Modern Information and Communication technologies at the Chair.

The Chairs main advanced scientific-research theme is “Studying Soil and ecologic position of southern Uzbekistan, and global problems of improving the fertility of the soil”.

published by c.b.s Xayriddinov. A and Xushmurodov. J on these studying theme.

The Chief of the Chair A.Xayriddinov, , Z.Uzakov, F.Boboev, J.Xushmurodov, Sh.Tuychiev are doing scientific research work on the dissertation of Ph.D.degree.

The senior teacher of the department Diyorova Mukhabbat Khurramovna received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in biology on the topic "Ways of improving sulphurous waste in steppe soils and some fruit trees".

Our Chairs members held partries as “Protection of the Nature is Protection the Future”, “Protection of our Motherland” devoted to the , with the help of the students of Vocational college, academic lyceum, the pupils of secondary schools. 

Chair is exchanging

The Chair is exchanging its teaching methods with the MoscowAgricultureAcademy named after K.A.Timiryazev, Scientific researching Institute of Soil Ecology in Pushshina, Scientific researching Institute of Soil Science named after V.V.Dokuchayev, USRC, USRISSI, UNU, Tashkent State Engineering Economical Institute, ToshAU, KIEI, Agro chemistry Station of Kashkadarya region. The book “The Nature of Uzbekistan. Kashkadarya region” was published under the initiative of Kashkadarya regional department of Uzbekistan ecological movement, Protection Committee of The Nature of Kashkadarya Region, KarshiStateUniversity. 

On mainly, between partnership together and international contracts are made of by the Russian,,Nijniy Novgorod’’ state University.

With together a teacher and professors and scientific people of the Russian «Nijniy Novgorod» state University was held «International scientific» expedition through 1-30th of September on 2015y. and 1-30th of September on 2017 y, it was held in all over Uzbekistan, mainly Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya regions.The aim of Expedition were to make a survey on flora and founa and to Ecology in deserts,half-deserts,steps,mountains and valleys naturalarens.The heads of Expedition who were appinted,was the doctor of Biology I.Rakhimov by ,,Karshi State University’’side and the nexthead of Expedision was the doctor of biology M.B.Mansurov who was working as a head scientific researcher in the park of botany by Russian ,,Nijniy Novogorod’’ state University side.


Circles “Young soil scientist” and “Yang Ecology Scientist” are organized at the Chair and More than 30 talented students are working on the themes of Scientific research work. 


The following subjects are taught at the Chair:


  • Soil Science Introduction
  • Soil Science and Plants Science
  • The Principles of Soil Science
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Climate сhange
  • Alternative Energy
  • Environmental Biology
  • Protection of renewable resources
  • Water in the Landscape
  • The Environmental Rights Revolution 

The Professors and teachers of the Chair:

  • Xayriddinov Akmal Botirovich Can.Ag.Sc.
  • Bobonorov Rustam Samadovich- Do. b. Sc, Docent leader teacher
  • Diyorova Muxabbat Xurramovna- leader teacher
  • Uzakov Zafar Zairovich- teacher
  • Xushmurodov Jobir Panjiyevich- teacher
  • Boboyev Farrux Farkhodovich- teacher
  • Tuychiyev Shukhrat Shavkatovich- labarant
  • Mansurova Marg’uba Akbarovna-labarant

The Scientific research work of the Chair:

Xayriddinov.A.B. -06.01.09-“Working out the technology of raising the sort of cotton-plant “Ishonch” on the bright virgin soil of Nishan District”.

Uzakov Z.Z. -03.00.10– on the specialty of ecology “Accumulation of heavy metals in vegetable-melon crops, fruits and the ecological state of the crop ”.

Boboyev .F.F-06.01.04-potash fertilizer efficiency in irrigated soils in ,,Kashkadarya region by specialization in agrochemistry’’.

Address of the Chair: KSU The Faculty of Natural sciences


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