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The chair of geography

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Head of the chair: Teacher

Pahlavon Rustamovich Qurbonov

Phone No: (+998 90) 720-23-07

E-mail: Pahlavon82@umail.uz



History of the chair 

The chair of Geography was founded in 1969. Formally the chair of Geography was established on condition that there had to be at least 2 PhDs in the manning table, so on December 27,1967 A.Ruziyev and on April 26,1968 A.Mamatov made a thesis. Originally being  in the part of the chair of Botany A. Ruziyev (1963), M.Yangiboyev (1962), R. Akhmedov (1963), I.Toirov(1964), A.Mamatov(1966), A.Najimov(1966) made a major contribution to teachers’ training on the subject of geography. The followings were the heads of the chair in the past years:Mamatov Abdulla – 1960-1975, 1977-1978yy, Ruziyev Abdumumin – 1975-1977yy,Yangiboyev Mahmud – 1978-1989yy, Abdullayev Suyun -1990-1994, 1999-2004yy, Kalonov Bahriddin 1994-1998yy,  Erdonov Latif 1998-2012yy, Jankobilov Ilkhomiddin since 2012-2015yy, Kurbanov Paxlavon (2015 yy)

The teaching stuff working in the chair consists of 14, 75 in the manning table. There is 1 PhD in History, 3 associate professors, 4 senior teachers and 7 assistants. The Chair of Geography prepares the cadres on a specialty 5440500-Geography, 5140500- Geography and the basis of economical science.

Electronic educational-methodic complexes and educational technologies are prepared on the basis of modern pedagogical and information technologies for all subjects taught at the chair. There is 1 educational room equipped with modern communication facilities.

There are practical works on the subject such as working in the fields, producing and pedagogical practices are held during the academic year. According to the plan 1styear students take a route to Karshi-Yakkabag-Karshi, 2ndyear students to Karshi-Samarkand-Navoi-Bukhara-Karshi, 3rdyear students to Karshi- Bukhara-Urgench-Nukus-Karshi.

The activity of the chair is divided into 2 directions according to the perfect geographical conditions  in the southern Uzbekistan:

  1. Geographical and  ecological aspects of the nature exploitation in the south of Uzbekistan
  2. Scientific and methodological problems of improving teaching geography in secondary schools, Academic Liceums,colleges and universities. 

Research works realized at the chair by associate prof. A.M.Mamatov, associate prof. S.Abdullayev, associate prof. L.Erdonov, associate prof. M.Fayzullayev, M.Berdukulova, X.Jumayev and M.Nazarov.

There are regular lectures are delivered by PhD in geography A.Abdulkosimov and E.Safarov on the subject.

The chair of Geography  has a systematic scientific cooperation with Moscow state university  “the chair of economical geography”, St.Petersburg university “chair of method of teaching geography”, Russia Pedagogical university in St.Petersburg “chair of method of teaching geography”, National university of Uzbekistan, Samarkand State University, Bukhara State University, Termiz State University, Urgench State University, Karakalpak State University, Namangan State University,Fergana State University,Andijan State University, department of geography in the scientific research institute of Seismology  of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

Hobby group “Globus ”conducting their activities at the chair, where talented students deliver lectures. More than 40 students are involved in them. This hobby group direct the students towards research activities and improvement of training quality. Over the past years talented students have taken part in the republican contests and got prize-winning places.

On June 18,2010 by the decree of the ministry of higher and special secondary education at Karshi State University was held a scientific conference on the theme of ”Regional problems of modern geography ” and more than 100 articles were published on the subject.

 Subjects taught at the chair:

  • General science of the ground
  • The basis of landscape study
  • General hydrology
  • The geography of the world.
  • The geography of Uzbekistan
  • Social geography and basis of demography
  • The geographic basis of nature exploitation
  • The basis of economical and social geography
  • Place -name study
  • Practical geography
  • Theoretical basis of regional complexes
  • The methods of geographic research
  • The basis of topography and cartography
  • The methods of teaching geography
  • The main problems of geography
  • The geographic country- study
  • Social geography
  • Geology
  • The geography of industry and agriculture
  • The basis of small-scale and medium – sized business
  • The geography of nonproducing aspects
  • The geography of cities and the countries
  • The basis of economy and management in public education
  • World’s economy and international economical relationships

Teaching staff of the chair:

  • Qurbonov Pahlavon
  • Abduallaev Suyun
  • Erdonov Latif
  • Usmonova Rohatjon
  • Fayzullaev Maqsud
  • Muratazaev Bahrom
  • Jumaev Hayrulla
  • Muqimova Husnora
  • Murodova Dilafruz
  • Nazarov Maqsud
  • Berdikulova Muxayyo
  • Eshboev Bekzod
  • Navatova Dilnoza 

Research works being realized at the chair:

The stuff of the chair are working on the theme “Geographical aspects of nature exploitation of the southern Uzbekistan”and there are 11 scientific complexes have been released. “Geography of  Kashkadarya”(1994), “Usage of electronic educational-methodic complexes at the geography lessons”(1979), “methodical ways of using visual aids on the excursion along the Kashkadarya pond”(1986), “geography of the world and the nature of Navoi ”(2000), “Popular geography”(2006), “Studying toponymy by the world’s geography”(2009), “Supervisor”(2008).

Nowadays the stuff of the chair have worked out a project on the theme”preservation of the Kashkadarya’s environment and mapping water systems”.  






Address of Chair: Qarshi state university, Faculty of study of Nature and Geography, 2- floor.



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