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History of faculty

The faculty conducts the activity on the basis of law Republik of Uzbekistan «About formation» and «the National program of a professional training». The faculty’s activity is directed on preparation high quality experts of the higher, middle-special and educational institutions. The natural study and geography faculty has begun the activity on January, 20th, 1960. The initial name of faculty - chemistry and biology faculty. Then in 1994 the Natural study Center has been formed. In 2001 at the Center the faculty of there are formed chemistry, biology and soil science. 

On August, 26th, 2005 two faculties - the faculty of chemistry and biology have been united. Since November, 5th, 2011 the faculty of biology has carred of the name natural study and geography faculty. Under the new name. Since Jule  8th, 2014 the faculty of natural study and geography of the name Natural sciences


Dean of The faculty Natural sciences 

Boysunov Bobur Xidirovich

Reception time: every day 15.00-17.00 (Except Monday)

Phone: (+99890) 721-66-99

E-mail:  bbaysunov@mail.ru




The assistant to the dean on educational affairs

Boymurodov Sami Mamurovich

Reception time: every day 15.00-17.00 (Except Monday) 

Phone: (+99891218-28-21  

E-mail:  b.sami@mail.ru


The assistant to the dean on educational affairs

Allanov Abdigaffor Berdiyorovich

Reception time: every day 14.00-18.00 (Except Monday) 

Phone: (99891) 963-25-45

E-mail:  abdigaffor.allanov.74@mail.ru




The assistant to the dean on spiritually-educational, moral, educational affairs 

Norchayev Utkir Toshkentovich

Reception time: every day 14.00-18.00 (Except Monday)

Phone: (99890) 444-74-04

E-mail:  u.norchayev-74_tab@umail.uz  



The assistant to the dean on scientific affairs

Samatova Shohista Azamatovna

Reception time: every day 14.00-18.00 (Except Monday)

Phone:  (99891) 451-45-13 

E-mail:  kannaliza@mail.ru




Faculty structure

  • The chair of botany and ecology
  • The chair of microbiology and biotechnology
  • The chair of geography
  • The chair of chemistry
  • The chair of agrochemistry and agrosoil
  • The chair of zoology and physiology

Since 2013-2014 years the faculty has been preparing specialists on 6 directions

  • 5110500 – the method of teaching geography
  • 5140100 - biology
  • 5140500 - chemistry
  • 5620100 - аgrochemistry and soil science
  • 5630100 - еcology and nature protection
  • 5320500 - biotechnology     

The faculty prepares specialists on 4 department of a magistracy:

  • 5A140101 – Biology
  • 5A140503 – Chemistry of the oil and natural gas
  • 5A140501 - Chemistry
  • 5A140103 – Ichthyology and hydrobiology 

At the faculty 1265 students are trained. Now 17 students among citizens them are of the Republics of Turkmenistan.

In 2018-2019 study year 6 researches of the faculty defended their PhD dissertations

At the faculty 6 chairs are working with 80 teachers and there are many skill full teachers: 3 doctors of science, professors; 40 candidates of science, senior lecturers; 40 senior teachers and assistants. The scientific quality of the faculty -50 %. 



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