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There are  6776 bachelors and 86 students are studying at the master's level at the university. Lessons are organized in 2 shifts. In order to organize meaningful organization of leisure time for students, various events are organized in accordance with the plan, in accordance with the interests of the students in the students dormitories, faculties, the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment, the Youth Initiatives Association of Uzbekistan and other public organizations.

There are more than 40 science, sports, professional and creative circles in the university.

The Department has organized "Days of the Department" and "Week of the department" graphics based on the schedule of the students' round-the-clock discussions, round-table discussions, "Zakovat", "Zukko reader" competitions, meetings with  writers, celebratory events and sports competitions as well as  roundtable discussions with law enforcement agencies.

Students' self-governing council convenes meetings with parents, contest of wall newspapers, competitions in nominations "The Most Exemplary Room", "The Best Floor", "The Most Exemplary ITU" and the winners are rewarded.

There are cheap and high-quality hot meals for students at the university's catering facilities.

The students are provided with ITC and IRC, Library and Reading Room, Youth Center and activists' hall, Youth Union bookstore, phytobar and Paynet, hairdressing and shoe making services for regularly   use.

There is a team of "ZiyoSadolari" at the Department of Music, Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment at the University, "Ziyo" student theater studio, "Cheerful and resourceful", "Zakovat", Pedagogical faculty at the Youth Primary School.

In order to make students leisure time meaningfully and efficiently, in order to set up a "Teacher-apprentice" system, according to the decision of the Academic Council of the University, each professor-teacher has 10 students. In addition, 280 students are selected based on their interests and talents and are working with their mentors on scientific topics.

Among the university students, the winners of state and presidential scholarships, winners of the Science Olympiads, the Youth Union, Trade Union Scholarships are the majority. Their number is increasing year by year.

The students of the university are actively involved in literary, artistic, scientific, publicist articles and speeches on regional TV and radio, local and republican publications.

There are editors at "Publishing Center", "KarduHabarlari" magazine and "Karshi University" newspaper. Young students publish their works in these newspapers and magazines.

At the University there is a wide range of "Board of coaching", "Knowledge Bank" and "Student psychological portrait" of students of each academic group. Information on students living in dormitory, living in rented flats, living their home, close relatives, is being monitored and spiritual-moral and educational work is being planned.


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