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There are 5052 students attending the university. Lessons are held in 2 shifts. To organize students’ spare time different measures with the co-operation of spiritual departments, “Kamolot” YSD, Trade Union, Women’s commetee, “Council of Masters”, “Students’ council” and other public establishments hold various meetings due to their plan in hostels and faculties.

There are 42 science, professional and creative circles at the university and students who are fond of them train there. “Days of the chair” and “Weekly chair” are held in the hostels by chairs due to the plan. Teachers continiously organize conferences for readers, meetings with authors and writers, discussions, holiday parties, selections and sports events.

Council of students’ self-control organize Parents meetings, selections of wall-newspapers, “ Exemplary room”, “Exemplary floor”, “Exemplary Students’ hostel”, and winners are always awarded.

Students have  cheap and fresh meals 3 times a day at 3 university canteens.

Students always have opportunity to work in ITC and IRC, library and reading halls, and “Youth Center” and “Active hall”, “Nur” bookshop, Fitobar and Paynet service work for students.    

There is a radio center at the University to form skills of creative students and to improve effects of spiritual- moral, educational events.

Orator and speaker students perform on different themes.

A number of clubs such as “Quvnoqlar va Zukkolar” (Jollies and Smarts), “Intellect” (Zakovat), “ The Intelligent” (Bilimdonlar), and “ School for speakers” work in the University spiritual department.

Every professor- teachers work with 10 students to organize students’ spare time effectively according to “Master –Student” system due to the decree of University Scientific Council. Besides it 280 students are working on their research with their teachers on the themes interesting for them.

There are a lot of notable students, winners of State and President scholarship, subject olimpiads, “Kelajak ovozi”, “Fond Forum”, “Kamolot YSM”, Trade Union scholarship. The number of such students is increasing year by year.

Folklore Scientific Laboratory was founded by scientists of folklore and students who are fond of it join it.

There are more than 300 creator students and they have been attending with their literary, scientific and publicistic articles in local and republic editions.

“Publishing center” and “University newspaper” work at the University. Students can edit their creative works there.

“Naxshab navolari” (Melodies of Nakhshab) work at the Pedagogics and Psychological faculty. Students of Music branch have been attending in the ensemble. 

You can also find “Institute of Masters” at the University, and “Bank of Information”, and  “ Students’ passport” of each group.

Contingent of students living in hostels, in rented flats, in own houses, with relatives is defined and made monitoring and planned spiritual, educating arrangements are being held.