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To the entrant

An entrant hands the following documents to the reception committee of the educational establishments:


An application form where is shown education tendency, language and form;

  • The original documents about the secondary or special secondary education;
  • Medical information in the 086/U form;
  • Copy of personal passport;
  • 6 photos in the size 3,5x4,5sm;
  • 2 folders (binder), 2 envelopes

An entrant shows the passport and military documents to the reception committee himself personally.

The original documents which gives the winners of the international and republic Olympiads, choice and competition the right to enter without test. Entrants who have a recommendation give to the reception committee of the educational establishments by the 20th of July.

The documents of the entrant who didn’t take photo by web-camera are not received. If the registered demands are carried out by the entrants receiving their documents will not be rejected. An entrant is given a receipt about his received documents.

WE DECLARE ENROLMENT OF STUDENTS TO THE MASTER PROGRAMM for 2018-2019 academic year on a specialty "Physics of Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment"


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