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Due to the international cooperation agreement between Karshi State University and Moscow State Linguistics University and invitation letter of the rector of KarSU No. 03/2562 on November 11, 2019, Moscow State Linguistic University,

associate professor of "Languages ​​of CIS and Near Foreign Countries", "Uzbek Language Center". B. Karayeva visited Karshi State University on November 27-30.

Based on bilateral agreement documents, lectures and practical exercises for the third year students of Philology and Language Teaching (Uzbek) faculty of philology B.Korayeva  made a lecture about “Current Uzbek language”(syntax).

The lessons were conducted with modern pedagogical technologies and the students, who are studying abroad showed a video to the participants of the event about the topic.

In addition, Associate professor B.Korayeva conducted a training seminar with professors and teachers of the department of Uzbek linguistics on the topic "Problems of teaching Uzbek language in foreign countries".

During the training, B.Koraeva  awarded the teachers B.Bakhriddinova, head of the chair of the Uzbek language, the senior lecturer and Ph.D. O.Urinova with certificates that they studied online at Moscow State Linguistic University from October 23 to 25, 2019 on project called " New era and new communicative technologies".