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As we informed you in previous news, on October 4-5 of this year a scientific practical conference on the topic of “The peak problems of analyzing and their implementations” was held at Karshi state university.

With the line of academics and professors of prestigious universities and institutions, the mathematic scholars from Italy and Russia also participated in it.

The theories of functions of mathematics, functional analysis, simple and derivational differential equations, algebra and theories of number in the sphere one of the newest results and their implementations were discussed during the conference.

Besides, there were lectures about the peak problems of the new results of the subject mathematics and their link with different spheres of economy (oil-gas industry, biologic systems, genetics and others).  

They decided to organize big conferences with prestigious universities and institutions like this in future also.

Interdependence of this conference with the scientific-technical programs and international cooperation programs did not only increase the prestige of it but also for the young scholars, who are doing their new researches on mathematics  give ideas and aptitudes to them.