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It is well known that the head of the state proposed five important initiatives on the development of social, spiritual and enlightenment work on a new system.

The first of these initiatives is the work carried out at Karshi State University to raise the interest of young people to music, painting, literature, theater and other types of art, as well as their talents. In particular, on 1-3 June this year, Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​Faculty of French and Literature 3 rd group was led by group director of the group 016-25 group H.Jurakobilova, in Geologist sports complex in Karshi, the library center, the regional musical drama theater named after Mullatuychi Tashmuhamedov. During a visit to the sports complex, Nargiza Ataullaeva gave a lecture about the rules of using the gym when introducing students to the sports complex. The trip to the regional information and library center also did not benefit young people. Yulduz Buriyeva, the librarian, told the students not only about the history of the library, its rich fund, the conditions created for the readers, the library's facilities, and the conditions created for researchers. The last address of the visit went to the regional musical drama theater named after Mullatuychi Tashmuhamedov. There, there were talented artists Farogat Rakhmatova, Ikrom Boltayeva, Sharif Kobilov, Surat Pulatov, Muhtarama Nosirova, Muharram Fayzullaeva, Mamatkul Jalilov, who had made a worthwhile contribution to the successful development of the theater as a place of prosperity and creativity. Raimjon Komiljonov, Majid Mamatov, Bahrom Kamalov, Hayit Mustafakulov, Yakub Rajabov, Omon Beganjiev, Husan Amirqulov, honored artists of Uzbekistan Bakhrom Kamalov, Jamil Ashurov, got acquainted.