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On May 8, 2019 in the hall of the Faculty of Foreign Languages there was held a spiritual-educational event on the theme "Memorization of teachers" in connection with the "May 9 Memory and Honor Day".

The event was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, PhD. T.Valiyev, The First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.Karimov was remembered at the Memorial. Then there were memorable teachers S.Egamberdiyev, M.Choriev, S.Abdurahmanov, B. Uralov who worked for many years at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Professor of the Department of English and Literature R.Kiyomov, senior teacher H.Nizomova, associate professor of the Department of German Language and Literature G.Khodjaev, docent E.Eshmurodov, the head of pedagogical faculty recognized the life and activity of teachers. The event was organized by the 2nd course students of English language and literature.


Teachers and students of the Practical Mathematics Department on May 7, 2019, visited the house of Shoykulov, a veteran teacher of the department, one of the best victims of cybernetics in Uzbekistan. Thousands of good-hearted people, who send their good deeds to the souls, who give their children a life-school, receive such a high appreciation of the teacher, and the reputation of the esteemed master, it is worth mentioning. The Honorary Master is the closest assistant and co-chair of the department. At the meeting, the poetry was read and gifts were handed over to the teacher as a festive congratulation.


The memory of human beings is respected, the memory of the nation and its history. On May 9, the Day of Memory and Honor was celebrated on the eve of the Day of Memory and Honor by the people of Uzbekistan, who praised and respected human beings as a day of commendation and appreciation for the people. Due to this great occasion, on May 7, 2019, the faculty and students of the Department of French Language and Literature of the Faculty of Foreign Languages held a memorable event titled "Memory – precious, Value-holy" was held. The event was commemorated by the students, and the dramatic performance of the war years was performed by the students skillfully.



May 8, 2019, in the building of Karshi city, Turkestan street, 80, in the building of the Faculty of Pedagogy Vocational Education 2nd year student 017-49, Shoira Azimova, "9 May - Day of Remembrance and Honor" Vera Andreyevna, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, visited Nasirova's house. Vera Nasirova was warmly welcomed and was given a letter to the volunteer intelligence officer from the village of Verkhnyi saltov in Kharkov, Ukraine, at the age of 16, 1941, two years of intelligence, exile in 1943, troublesome days in famine, hunger, told about some of our soldiers' fierce battle. The students thanked Vera Nasirova for the sake of today's peaceful and prosperous life, and felt that it was a duty and duty for young people to remember, glorify and inform them. Though it has long condemned the age, our mothers, who have a strong love for the Motherland, remain the symbol of genuine courage and loyalty to young people.


On May 7, 2019, at the Youth Center of the University, the Department of Russian Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philology organized an event titled "Memory is eternal and dear". Those who talked about the dedication of the past to the people and stressed that it is a duty of every citizen. Today, the participants of the war dwelled on the attention paid by the President. The legendary songs of war years of skillful performance of students of the Russian language and literature and musical education, the exciting little scenes of the war did not leave anybody indifferent and shocked everyone. It is worth noting that the Department of Russian Language and Literature held a number of events on the occasion of May 9 "Memory and honor". In particular, on May 2, a member of the Great Patriotic War Nosirova Vera Andreyevna visited the house. Vera Andreyevna was originally from Russia when she met Najim Nosirov, a native of Uzbekistan, during a war and married and returned to Karshi in the '50s. Veterans of Labor May 3, Mildizina SA, doc. Kondratenko LI, SHerbakova LI, Keller E.K., G.B.Elbayeva congratulated on the occasion of the holiday. On the 4th of May, teachers and students of the department laid wreaths to the mourning morgue. Of course, the main purpose of these events is to remember those who have shown courage in the war, and to encourage young people to live in peace and harmony.





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