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On May 3, 2019, the senior lecturer of the Department of Uzbek linguistics at the Faculty of Philology, Khurshida Norkhodjayeva, presented a book by Habib Fayzullaev,

a participant of the Second World War, with a book entitled "The Life of a Recreation" in the hall of Karshi State University.

The event was attended by university administration, faculty members of the philological faculty, students, family members and relatives of H.Fayzullayev. The event was organized by the rector of the university, professor B.Shoimkulov on 9 May - the Day of Memory and Honor Day.

The rector of the university in his speech said that today, celebrating the memory of the participants of the Second World War is a truly national tradition, the memory of May 9 - the Day of Memory and Honors, dedicated to the memory of the participant of the Second World War and poet Habib Fayzullaev, "Life is a very important book," said the younger generation, which plays a vital role in bringing together such qualities as loyalty, respect, and humanity to the Homeland. After the speech, the chairman of the Union of trade unions of the region Eson Rajabov, professor T.Turaev, member of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan, poet Turdi Haydar spoke about Habib Fayzullayev`s  faithfulness to the Homeland, his pure conscience and his love for his family, with a sense of humor, honesty and human qualities.

Habib Fayzullaev's life story was presented to the audience, and the play "The portrait of Mother" was shown by regional music drama theater.

At the end of the event, Khurshida Narkhodjayeva said that she published this book as a gift for Habib Fayzullaev's 100th anniversary.


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