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Head of the Department: Candidate of Philosophy, docent

Qanoatova Feruza Bobokulovna

Phone: (+998 91) 211 88 48

E-mail: fkanoatova@umail.uz


About the chair

It was established in 2006 in accordance with the Resolution of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 9/2 of September 17, 2005 and the order of the Rector of Karshi State University No. 416 of December 4, 2006. Candidate of philosophical sciences, docent Qanoatova Feruza works at the chair as the head of the chair.

There are 23 professor-teachers, including 1 doctor of science, 5 professors, 1 senior lecturer, 3 senior teachers Teacher, 11 assistant teachers. The scientific potential is 49%.

The chair has been continuing scientifically with the NUU, SamSU, Termez DU, Bukhara State University, TSPU named after Nizami, TUIT, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Islamic University, and also University of Miras in cooperation.  

                Subjects taught at the chair:

 • National Idea, Fundamentals of Spirituality and Law Teaching Methods.

 • Spirituality.

 • The history of world religions.

 • Religious studies.

 • Ethical basics of spirituality.

 • Aesthetic basics of spirituality.

 • Ethnicity.

 • Fundamentals of Globalization

 • History and theory of state and law.

 • International law. Constitution of foreign countries.

 • Administrative law

 • Environmental law

 • Labor law.

 • Criminal law

 • Civil law

 • Family right

 • The history of world political ideological doctrines.

 • The right to social security.

 • Law enforcement agencies.

 • National Idea Advocacy Techniques .

 • Spiritual and educational work and methods of its organization

• Principles of Geopolitics.

• Human rights.

• Entrepreneurship - business right.


 • Methods of teaching special subjects.

 • Scientific bases of spirituality.

 • Spirituality of East and West.

 • Religious basics of spirituality.

 • Spiritual culture.

 • Spirituality and social development. 

                           Educational and methodological work

The following professors and teachers of the department prepared and published several monographs, textbooks, educational and methodological manuals:

On March 31, 2018, B. Omonov, a professor of the department, defended his dissertation on philosophical sciences (PhD) in the subject "Ecological Policy of Uzbekistan in the Aral Sea Region" (09.00.04-Social Philosophy).

- Doctor of Philosophy, Professor O.Ergashev's "Constitution: Person-society-state" (in co-authorship) Q 2013;

- A. Erkayev's "National Idea and Spirituality" T-2002, "Manifesto and Development Model" T-2005, "Freedom of Thought" T-2006, "Duxovnost i razvitie" -2008, T-Way Caravan T-2009, T-2017 of the "Uzbekistan Road";


O’quv - uslubiy ishlar

- Candidate of philosophy, docent M. Oltiboyev "Independence is living" Karshi. 2013;

Ph.D., Associate Professor G.Soatov Educational guide "Culture of Uzbekistan". Tafakkur Kastoni Publishing House. Tashkent-2011;

The candidate of philosophical sciences, docent G.Soatov is the author of the book "Culturology". "Fan" publishing house. Tashkent - 2008;

 The textbook "The Constitution and the strong civil society" by the candidate of philosophical sciences, docent H.Makhmanova. Karshi - 2015;

Philosophical sciences PhD Omonov's monograph "Ecological Policy of Uzbekistan in the Aral Sea Region" in 2014; 


Scientific direction of the department:

The main scientific theme of the department is "The Role of Spiritual Culture in the Building of a Legal and Democratic Society in Uzbekistan: Problems and Solutions".

Professors and teachers of the department regularly participate in scientific journals in foreign journals.

 1. The department held the Republican scientifically-practical conference "Postmodern society and human problems" in 2015.

2. Republican scientific practical conference on actual theoretical and methodological problems of studying social sciences in higher education was held in 2017

3.November 2018, it is planned to hold a conference on the topic of improving the social-humanitarian system during the years of independence.

 Educational directions and specialties of the department:

The department trains specialists in 5111600 - "National idea, bases of spirituality and law education" and 5A111601 "Methods of teaching of social sciences (fundamentals of spirituality)".                                       

                                           Staff of the department: 

Kanoatova Feruza Bobokulovna - head of the department, candidate of philosophical sciences, docent 

Ergashev Ochil - Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor

Erkayev Abdurahim –Candidate of philosophical sciences, docent 

Oltiboyev Murodilla – Candidate of philosophical sciences, docent

Dustmuratov Jomurod Xurramovich – Candidate of philosophical sciences, docent

Soatov Gayrat –  Candidate of philosophical sciences, docent

Togayev Shavkat –  Candidate of philosophical sciences, docent

Makhmanova Xosiyat Normo’minovna –  Candidate of philosophical sciences, docent

Urokova Nargiza Salomovna – Candidate of philosophical sciences, docent 

Moral  and educational works

There is a regular circle "Young spiritualists" at the department. 

The professors and lecturers of the department regularly participate in the spiritual and educational activities of the university and the region. 

Students of "National Idea, Fundamentals of Spirituality and Law Education" participate in various regional and republican competitions and competitions. 

Address of the Department: Karshi city 17, Kuchabog Street, Faculty of History and Social Sciences, room 333. 


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