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The hade of the chair: 

Choriev S.A.

Phone: (+99891) 461-30-03

E-mail: sanjar_choriyev@mail.ru



The history of the Sub-Faculty

The sub-faculty of philosophy was founded in December 1964. In the previous period it was leaded by the candidate of philosophical sciences docent Jovliev G (1964-1969), the c.p.s. docent (the doctor of p.s., professor) Ergashev O.(1969-1977), the c.p.s. professor Choriyev S. 

In 2014 the sub-faculty has been united with the sub-faculty of Sociology. The sub-faculty of Sociology carried out its activity in 2005-2014 and specialized on the teaching of “Sociology”, “Politology” and “The Theory and Practice of the Building of Democratic Society in Uzbekistan” 

At the present moment 24 teachers, the chief of the study and a laboratory assistant are employed at the sub-faculty. Among them 14 specialists, have the academic degree and ranks. They have depended the theses (dissertations) of Doctors and Candidates on different specialties of philosophy. In the professorate-teaching staff there are two teachers of 70-75 years of age; two of the staff are 55-60 years old; six teachers of 50-55 years of age; for of 45-50 years of age; three of 35-40 years of age; seven teachers are 30-35 years old. In average, the age of the members of the sub-faculty is 44. 

The members of the sub-faculty read lectures on “Philosophy” for the students of the second course; lectures on “Sociology” for the third-year students; for  the students of the fourth course they give lectures on the “National Ideas”, “Practice of the Building of the Democratic Society in Uzbekistan”; for the students studying on the specialty of the “The Idea of National Independence” – “Social Philosophy” At the Magistrate the members of the sub-faculty read lectures on “Methodology of Scientific Research”. The studies are organized according to the educational plans and programmes, confirmed by the Ministry of the Higher and Secondary Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

With the purpose of the improvement of the educational methodological work at the sub-faculty a special programme is confirmed. Its fulfilment is systematically examined at the meetings of the sub-faculty. Only in 2017-2018 more than 20 matters of the educational-methodological character and 8 open studies were discussed. On the base of the sub-faculty a scientific – methodological seminar was created on the theme “Dialectics of the objective conditions and subjective factors of the forming of the humanistic type of a personality, at which in 2017-2018 educational year 8 methodical and theoretical reports were listened to, 8 texts of lecture were discussed. 

The specialists of the sub-faculty are carrying out scientific researching activity on the theme “Dialectics of the objective conditions and subjective factors of the forming of the humanistic type of a personality”. In the previous period in the frameworks of this theme of the research three dissertations of the Candidates were defended.

The spiritual-instructive activity of the sub-faculty is organized on the basis of the confirmed plan. With the purpose of its improvement, special stands and exhibitions are created. At the same time the professorate-teaching staff of the sub-faculty pays great attention to the propaganda of the ideas of national independence. 

Subjects taught at the chair: 


  • Philosophy.
  • Sociology
  • The Idea of National Independence.
  • The theory and practice of the Forming of the Democratic Society in Uzbekistan.
  • Social Philosophy. 


  • The Methodology of the Scientific Research 

The professors-teachers staff of the sub-faculty: 

  • Choriyev S.A.
  • Saydullayev P.N.
  • Boyqobilova R.B.
  • Eshmatov M.E.
  • Dо‘lanov A.E.
  • Saidov B.J.
  • Ermatov Sh.A.
  • Jo’rayev B.X.
  • Bekmurodova G.H.
  • Boymurodov S.B.
  • Shaymanova A.E.
  • Khodjamberdiyev T.
  • Tо‘rayeva A.P.
  • Xushnayev M.B.
  • Boymatov R.B.
  • Axmedova D.S.
  • Qambarov Sh.K.
  • Qodirov F.Y.
  • Ibragimov E.H.
  • Avazov S.E.
  • Sohibova L.S.
  • Mamatova M.
  • Khudoyberdiyev D.M. 

The Scientific-Researching Activity of the Sub-faculty: 

The theme of the scientific problem: Dialectics of objective conditions and subjective  factors of the forming of the humanistic type of person. 

Scientific chief: S.A. Choriev


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